How to use Okta Verify

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Okta Verify

Okta Verify sends a push notification to your smartphone to complete Multifactor verification. It also supports offline authentication if you need authentication without any network connection. 

All ACE Accounts require multifactor authentication to sign in. You will be prompted to setup MFA during your first sign in. If you have yet to setup Okta Verify, click to Learn more about Multifactor Authentication.

 Get Help with MFA from Scarlet

How to use Okta Verify

1. Route to the application or website that you need to log in to using your ACE account credentials

2. When asked to  satisfy MFA, choose Okta Verify if you are asked to choose from a list of MFA options

3. Choose Send Push when prompted 

4. Route to the Okta Verify Application on your device and choose Yes, It's Me if you recognize the sign in attempt

5. Once you choose Yes, Its Me you can route back to the website or application you were attempting to sign into. It should refresh the page, and allow you through. No further action with Okta Verify.


Alternative: Sign in using Time-based One-time passcode

If you're not receiving the push notification or your mobile device cannot connect to the Internet, you can either use a manual code from Okta Verify.

For Okta Verify

1. If you have not received the notification on your mobile device, select Verify with something else.


2. select Enter a code.


3. On your phone, open Okta Verify.

4. Locate the entry for and confirm your ACE username is shown.

5. Enter the six digit code shown below your ACE username in the Enter Code box on your computer.

6. Select Verify.

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