Completing a Panopto Quiz Assignment


If your instructor asks you to complete questions within a Panopto video, this article will assist you with completing the assignment and receiving credit.


Instructors may ask you to watch a video in Panopto with quiz questions embedded into the video. The score you earn from these questions may be posted to your WebCampus course for credit.

Launching a Panopto Quiz

You must launch the video from the assignment

Panopto videos are also located within the course's Panopto Recordings page. However, if your instructor has grade passback enabled, you must launch the video from the assignment page. If you do not launch the video from the assignment page, your score will not be passed back, and you will not receive credit.

If you launch the video with the quiz from the Panopto Recordings page instead of the Assignments page, you will receive a pop-up alerting you that your grade will not be reported if you complete the quiz here.

Pop up that occurs if video with quiz is accessed via the Panopto Recordings tab instead of the Assignments tab

  1. Select the Assignments tab in your left navigation bar in WebCampus, and then select the assignment that contains the Panopto quiz

    Highlighted Panopto quiz under “Assignments”
  2. Select the option to load the video in a new window

    Highlighted button: load quiz in a new window

Taking the Quiz

  1. After clicking the link, the video will load and begin to play. Quiz questions will automatically appear at certain points in the video set by your instructor.
  2. Answer the questions, and then select Next to continue.

    The Next button highlighted in the student view while taking a Panopto quiz
  3. After the quiz is complete, select Finish. Depending on the settings set by the instructor, you will either see a confirmation screen, or your score.
    1. If available, selecting Retake will let you start over and answer the questions again. This will replace your previous score.
    2. If available, selecting Review will allow you to see the questions answered, your answer, and any feedback from the instructor.
    3. Select Continue to move on.

      The Finish button on a Panopto quiz highlighted. The Quiz Results are also displayed to the side

NOTE: To ensure that you receive credit, you must watch the video through to the end. If your score is successfully saved, you will see it appear in WebCampus shortly.

Need Additional Help?

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