Viewing Zoom Recordings in WebCampus


If your instructor publishes a Zoom recording to WebCampus, you can access it from the Zoom page.


If your instructor has published a recording in Zoom, you can view it using the Zoom integration in WebCampus. If you do not see your recording in Zoom, check another area like Panopto, or contact your instuctor.

Accessing and Viewing Recordings in WebCampus

  1. Open your WebCampus course, then select Zoom in the left navigation
  2. Select Cloud Recordings

    The Cloud Recordings tab highlighted
  3. Select the recording to watch

    The Topic of the meeting highlighted
  4. Select Play for the recording to listen or watch

    The play button on a recording thumbnail highlighted
  5. You may be prompted to input a passcode for the first time watching a recording. The passcode will automatically be copied to your clipboard. Paste the passcode into the bar and select Watch Recording

    The bar to enter the passcode highlighted
  6. If you wish to access the passcode again, repeat steps 1 – 4. A passcode will appear beneath the video.

    The passcode section under a recording highlighted

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Zoom Knowledge Base for additional articles. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.



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