Not Receiving Mailing List Messages (Google Groups)


Learn how to check your Gmail account and newsletter group settings to make sure you receive newsletter messages.


If you are not receiving emails from a mailing list (Google Group) that you believe you should, follow these steps to troubleshoot possible issues.

Search Gmail For Messages

First, search your Gmail account to see if you are receiving newsletter messages by entering the mailing list email address or newsletter subject in the search bar and clicking enter.

  • If you do see the messages in your Gmail account, check your Gmail Filters and Blocked Account settings to make sure messages are not being inappropriately filtered.
  • If you do not see any messages in your search results:
  1. Check the Spam and Trash labels in the left hand menu to see if the messages have been marked as Spam or deleted.
    1. If the message is in spam, open the message and click the Not Spam button.
    2. If the message is in trash, open the message and move it back to the inbox.
  2. Continue below to check your Filters and Blocked accounts settings to make sure messages are not being inappropriately filtered as Spam or deleted.

Check your Filters and Blocked accounts Settings

  1. Open the Gmail settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right, then click See All Settings.
  2. Click the Filters and Blocked Accounts tab.
  3. Review your list of filters. Ensure that messages are not marked to Skip the Inbox or deleted. Click the edit link to update your settings if necessary.

    Screenshot showing the Filters settings with Skip the Inbox and Delete it highlighted with a red textbox.

If you still are not receiving messages, verify you are subscribed to the Google Group.

Verify You Are Subscribed to the Google Group

After checking your Gmail Inbox, verify that you are successfully subscribed to the Google Group that manages the mailing list.

  1. Login to Google Groups
  2. Click the My Groups link in the navigation menu

    Screenshot showing navigation menu with My Groups highlighted in red alert box.
  1. If the group appears in your My Groups list, then you are successfully subscribed. If you do not see the group in your My Groups list, proceed to Subscribe to a Google Group steps below. 
  2. Next, check your Subscription settings under the Subscription tab in the data layout.

    Screenshot showing an email mailing list, the Join Date, and the Subscription settings set to Each email.If No Email is selected, you will never receive an email from the group and must sign in to Google Groups to view messages
  3. If necessary, update your subscription by clicking the down arrow and selecting one of the following options to receive email messages:
    1. Each email: You will receive an email immediately when an email is sent to the Google Group.
    2. Digest: Up to 25 complete messages are compiled together and sent daily.
    3. Abridged: Summaries of up to 150 messages are compiled into a single email and sent daily.

Subscribe to a Google Group

If the group does not appear under My Groups:

  1. Use the search bar at the top of the page and enter the group name.
  2. Click on the group name to view the group.
    1. If you are not subscribed and the group allows the content to be viewed without subscribing, you will see a Join Now button. Click the button to subscribe.
      Screenshot showing UNLV Today group name with a button labeled "Join Group" outlined in a red alert box. Beneath the group name is a recent email that has been sent.

    2. If you are not subscribed and the group has closed subscriptions, click the Contact owners and managers link to send an email to the group's owners to request access. 

      Screenshot showing Test group name with a button labeled "Contact owners and managers" outlined in a red alert box. Beneath the group name is a message reading "You don't have permission to access this content.

Get Help

If you still need additional assistance, please submit an email assistance request or contact the IT Help Desk at 702-895-0777.



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