Enable Course Navigation Links


This article contains instructions for enabling (or disabling) course navigation links within WebCampus. You must have instructor access to a course to perform this task.


The Navigation Page allows instructors to enable or disable certain course navigation links. This guide will provide an overview on how to access the Navigation page, and the available settings in the page.   


Course Navigation

  1. Select Settings in the course navigation menu.
  2. In the Settings page, select Navigation. This is where you can enable/disable the course links, as well as change the order of the course links.
  3. Find the course link that you want to enable, click on the 3 dots, and select Enable/Disable. You can also select Move to change the position of the course link.
  4. Another way to enable/disable a link is by selecting and holding the box, and dragging it to the disable/enable section. This is also how you can arrange the order of the links in the course.





Need Additional Help?

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