Get Your RebelCard

First Card: Students and Faculty/Staff

Please view the instructions on the Rebelcard page for all students and staff picking up a RebelCard from our office. 

If you have not submitted a photo prior to visiting our office, you will be required to take a picture on the day you pick up your card. 

Online Photo Submission

Students and Faculty/Staff who are getting their first RebelCard have the option of submitting a photo. An email will be sent out when the photo has been approved. 

You may view the instructions and guidelines for submitting a photo online.

Replacement Cards

If you have had a RebelCard issued to you in the past, but it has been lost or broken, you will need to head to the RebelCard office to purchase a replacement. Lost cards replacements are $20. Broken card replacements are $10 and the broken card will need to be turned in at the time of replacement. Lost or broken cards can only be replaced by visiting our office. 

Visiting the Office - Appointment Scheduling

If you plan on visiting the office to pick up your card, you will need to either join our virtual line or make an appointment. 

Make an Appointment

Making an appointment insures you will be seen at your selected appointment time. Appointments can be made online.

Join the Line

If you cannot make an appointment, or just want to stop by our office during our business hours, you will need to join our virtual line to be seen by a RebelCard agent. Line wait times can vary. You can join the line by texting the phrase "rebelcardq" to 702-710-0905. A wait time will be sent to you and a text message will indicate when your wait is over and you can head into the office. 

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