SEND (Student E-Newsletters from Departments)


SEND (Student E-Newsletters from Departments) is a web-based program that collects submitted messages and then creates e-newsletters for students. Messages can be targeted for students in a specific college and a specific department.


SEND (Student E-Newsletters from Departments) is a web-based app that collects messages and creates a targeted weekly newsletter for students in a specific college and a specific department. 

Need to send a message to all students, regardless of college or department? Use Rebel Announcements Via Email (RAVE).

UNLV employees may submit messages, which are then reviewed and then sent by a dedicated college facilitator who approves the messages and sends the collective e-newsletter to students. Each college assigns its own facilitator.

Viewing SEND Messages

To view message posted to SEND:

  1. Visit SEND
  2. Click the View tab
  3. Select Last 7 days or Last 30 days 
  4. Messages will only appear if they’ve already been approved and sent out in the weekly newsletter.
  5. Click on the message title to view the full announcement. 
  6. To return to the message list, simply close the message window. 

Finding Messages

  1. Visit SEND
  2. Click on the Find Message tab.
  3. Use the pull-down menus to set search criteria for College and/or Department. You may also specify search criteria by class standing.  The search results will pull messages sent via SEND and RAVE.
  4. Enter a key word in the textbox if desired.
  5. Click Search button.

Submitting Messages to Students

Faculty and staff can log in to SEND using your ACE account. If you are a student and wish to submit a message through SEND, please have a faculty or staff member do so on your behalf. SEND follows the established RAVE guidelines for message content criteria.

  1. Visit SEND
  2. Create your message, selecting the targeted college and department for your message and completing all required fields.
    • Title*: Message title
    • Category*: Announcement, Event, or Deadline
    • Choose College*: Select the College for your message. Abbreviations are assigned from MyUNLV.
    • For Department*: Select the Department for your message. Abbreviations are assigned from MyUNLV.
    • For Whom*: Select the audience by their standing.
    • Content*: Enter your message. There is a 3000 character limit, including spaces.
    • Send: Select Emergency or Next Announcement, which is determined by the college SEND facilitator. 
    • Link: Enter a link, if desired. 
    • Contact Information Name, Email, and Phone: Enter the contact information for students who wish to learn more. Contact information is published.
    • Submitter Name*, Email*, and Phone*: Enter your contact information. Submitter information is used only by college facilitators in case there are additional questions and is not published. 
  3. Click Submit

After submitting your message, you should see a success message: 

Your message has been processed successfully.  A facilitator will review your message soon.

The assigned college facilitator(s) will receive a notification to review and approve messages for all departments within that college. 


College Facilitators

Facilitators review messages for appropriateness and to mark messages to be sent. If a college does not have a facilitator assigned, or the previous facilitator has left the university and needs to be updated, please contact the IT Help Desk. The college dean will be contacted to approve a new facilitator. 

College Facilitator Contact List




Brandy Smith

Academic Success Center

Dan Gianoutsos

Academic Success Center

Kim Nehls

College of Business

Marlena Gatlin

College of Business

Nadine Bentis

College of Business

Nicole Pavlico

College of Business

Victoria Mitchell

College of Business

Lauren Layton

College of Education

Tenaya Morningstar

College of Education

Nancy Weaver

College of Education

Allen Henderson

College of Engineering

Carmen Willis

College of Engineering

Georg Mauer

College of Engineering

Laxmi Gewali

College of Engineering

Maura Erickson

College of Engineering

Mohamed Trabia

College of Engineering

Peter Stubberud

College of Engineering

Rama Venkat

College of Engineering

Woosoon Yim

College of Engineering

Russ Harrison

Division of Educational Outreach

Delia Martin

College of Fine Arts

Shaun Franklin-Sewell

College of Fine Arts

Jennifer Vaughan

College of Fine Arts

Shahab Zargari

College of Fine Arts

Angela Ramsey

College of Hotel Administration

Caitlyn Lopez

College of Hotel Administration

Joseph Gaccione

Division of Health Sciences

Julie Bartlett

Office of International Students and Scholars

Jason Lawrence


Ross Bryant


Sara Heneghan

College of Liberal Arts

Sophie Parise

College of Liberal Arts

Catherine Bacos

Boyd School of Law

Jay Shen


Megan Hullinger

College of Sciences

Peter Clancy

College of Sciences

Afsha Bawany

Greenspun College of Urban Affairs

More Information


SEND Web App

SEND Information


Troubleshooting Tips

If a college does not have a facilitator assigned yet, the dean needs to submit a request with the name of the person they would like to appoint as facilitator.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Email, Communication, and Collaboration knowledge base for additional articles or select a Related Service to submit a support ticket. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.



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