Account Extension


Use this form to request an account extension to reactivate a disabled ACE Account. This form is required in order to access a standard ACE Account to which the user is no longer eligible (such as a former employee, or not enrolled student).


To request an extension for an employee account, the former employee's supervisor or above must submit this request.

To request an extension for a student account:

  • If you only need access to your Rebelmail account, please all the IT Help Desk for assistance
  • If you need access to complete academic works (such as an incomplete grade), you may submit this form
  • If you need access to any other reason, you must have an employee submit the request for you

All account requests are reviewed and subject to approval. We will contact you if further information is required.

This process cannot be used to:

  • Gain access to another account that does not belong to you
  • Re-activate a re-hired employees account (the account will be reactivated once the "Hire" process is complete in Workday)

Getting Started

This request is for allowing the original account owner to regain access to an existing account for a set period of time.

Note: You may not use this request to gain access to someone elses account.

Request Service


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