Zoom Service and Support Description

Zoom is UNLV’s video conferencing tool, available for UNLV employees to host virtual meetings, web conferences, virtual appointment slots, and more, online. In addition to meetings, Zoom can also be used as a classroom instruction tool for synchronous distance learning and training, online courses, and more.

Service description

Zoom is an online video conferencing solution that allows users to connect over video and audio for online meetings.

Key Terms

Term Definition
UNLV Instance All Zoom accounts in UNLV, administered by the Office of Information Technology (OIT).
Licensed User A UNLV faculty or staff member who is active in Workday.
Guest User An individual who joins a Zoom meeting without an account. Typically, guests are students or invited non-UNLV individuals.
Web Account / Web Portal A user's Zoom account as accessed through their browser at it.unlv.edu/zoom > Login to Zoom.
Desktop App / Desktop Client A version of Zoom downloaded to a device, where meetings can be scheduled, joined, and started.
Operator Account An account for an on-campus organization, department, program, etc. that is used by more than one person.
Account Consolidation When a faculty or staff member had a previous Zoom account with their UNLV Mail address, and they must be added to the UNLV instance.
Telehealth A separate Zoom instance that is HIPAA-compliant. Users working with patients are provisioned special Telehealth licenses.

Service plan and feature availability

UNLV's Zoom plan contains the following features for licensed users:

  • 300 participants per meeting
  • Up to 30 hours per meeting
  • Up to 0.5 GB of Cloud storage
  • Add and be an alternative host
  • Assign scheduling privilege to others
  • Schedule on behalf of others
  • Customize Personal Meeting ID
  • Set a custom Personal Meeting Link for your Personal Meeting Room
  • Integration with WebCampus
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Integration with Panopto, UNLV's lecture capture tool

The following features are disabled: 

  • Team Chat in the Desktop Client
  • Video Filters in a meeting
  • Contacts in the Desktop Client

By default, Zoom marketplace apps must be approved by OIT. Paid apps must be paid by the requesting department.

Limits and Restrictions

Zoom for UNLV may only be used for University events and meetings, such as team meetings, classes, etc. 

Additionally, there are limits regarding the following:

User or Event Restrictions
Rebelmail Rebelmail users receive a Zoom Basic license so they can authenticate to meetings. As a part of Zoom Basic, Rebelmail users can also host meetings, but with a 40-minute time limit.
Emeritus Emeritus users are not eligible for a Zoom account, however can use Google Meet as a benefit of their UNLVMail account
Webinar License Due to the limited number of licenses, users can request a webinar license for a maximum of 2 weeks.
Zoom Whiteboards Zoom requires all participants to have a Zoom account for whiteboard collaboration, therefore meetings with users without a Zoom account cannot collaborate on whiteboards (for example, students)
Cloud Recording Storage Cloud recordings are stored for 180 days prior to permanent deletion
Zoom Marketplace Apps All marketplace apps must be approved by OIT. Paid apps must be paid by the requesting department.
Operator Accounts By default, Operator accounts are not assigned a Zoom license and cannot sign in to Zoom. Customer's wishing to use Zoom with an operator account must request this functionality.

Support description

The central administration of Zoom is provided by the Office of Information Technology, with the IT Help Desk providing the first point of contact. Users are responsible for proper usage of their Zoom account.

Support Provided by OIT

  • Assistance with:
    • Consolidating Zoom accounts
    • Login issues
    • Using Zoom features and functions
    • Solving bugs and errors in Zoom
    • Using Zoom integrations (WebCampus, Panopto, etc.)
  • Assignment of:
    • Zoom access to operator accounts
    • Webinar licenses
  • Creation of new Zoom accounts for new faculty and staff
  • Maintenance of integration with ACE for single sign on
  • Review of marketplace app requests

User Responsibilities

Licensed users also have responsibilities for a safe and optimal experience.

  • Enabling Security Settings for meetings
  • Using Zoom for UNLV-related events, meetings, and scenarios
  • Managing and storing their Cloud recordings to prevent deletion


Users can learn more about Zoom by accessing the UNLV Zoom site and the UNLV Zoom Knowledge Base. OIT may provide training upon request on an as-needed basis.

Service standards

To promote consistency of the use of Zoom across UNLV, OIT has created standards for how Zoom accounts are created.


Most Zoom accounts are connected to a user's ACE account, and users must use their ACE account to sign in to Zoom.


Each user's name is pulled directly from Workday and will display the legal name designated. Users can set a Display Name in their account that will appear in meetings, but their official account name will pulled from Workday. 

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