Zoom AI Companion Questions

Zoom's AI Companion tool, in addition to providing summaries, can help answer questions asked by meeting participants about the content of a meeting. Preset questions are provided, such as “Catch me up”, “Was my name mentioned?”, and “What are the action items?”, which can be useful for catching up when you join late or return after stepping away from the meeting. AI Companion Questions can also help answer more specific questions, like “Was a date agreed on?”

Enabling AI Companion Questions

  1. Log into your UNLV Zoom account
  2. On the left-hand navigation, select Settings
  3. Select AI Companion tab
  4. For the AI Companion Questions setting, turn the radio button to the ON position

    Radio button for AI Companion questions toggled ON

After enabling AI Companion Questions, you can also select who can ask questions when it is enabled in a meeting. There are three options:

  • All Participants: Allows all participants to ask questions about all discussion that has taken place from the time the host activated the AI Companion.
  • Participants Only from When They Join: Allows all participants to ask questions about anything discussed from the time they joined the meeting; they cannot ask questions about any discussion that occurred prior to the time they joined the meeting.
  • Only Hosts: Allow only the original host, alternative host, and users with host privileges assigned before the meeting starts to ask questions about all discussions since AI Companion is active.

Using AI Companion Questions in a Meeting as a Host

After starting a Zoom meeting, look for the AI Companion button icon in the Zoom meeting controls.

AI Companion in the Zoom meeting controls

Starting AI Companion Questions

When the meeting starts, you as the Host will need to manually start AI Companion so that it is available to in-meeting participants.

  1. After selecting AI Companion in your Zoom meeting controls, the AI Companion panel will open
  2. Under Who Can Ask questions to AI Companion?, select which group of meeting participants can interact with tool
  3. Select Start to begin having the meeting conversations analyzed
  4. Select Got It to confirm
  5. The meeting discussions will begin to be analyzed, and participants will see a notification informing them that AI Companion is active

Ending AI Companion Questions

If the you as the Host wish to discuss topics informally without AI Companion running for in-meeting queries, you can disable AI Companion so those topics will not be available for analysis and questions.

  1. After selecting AI Companion in the Zoom meeting controls, the AI Companion panel will open
  2. In the top-left corner, click Disable
  3. You will be prompted to confirm disabling AI Companion in the current meeting
  4. Click Disable again to confirm

Requesting AI Companion Questions as a Participant

If you are not the Host of a meeting but wish to use AI Companion in it, you can send a request to the meeting Host to enable it. To do so:

  1. Join a meeting
  2. In your Zoom meeting controls, select AI Companion

AI Companion in the Zoom meeting controls

  1. If not currently enabled for the meeting, you will be prompted to request feature enablement
  2. Click Send Request
  3. The request will be sent to the Host in the current meeting

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Zoom knowledge base for additional articles. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.


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