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Polls and surveys can be used to ask multiple choice questions of participants while in a Zoom meeting.
You can record meetings to the cloud or locally to your computer to be shared later.
After a cloud-recorded meeting, AI Companion can automatically create smart recordings organized by chapter, highlight important information, and create action items for attendees. This helps you review recordings faster for meetings you may have missed and quickly find the information you need to take action.
Meeting Summary with Zoom AI Companion uses AI technology and allows meeting hosts to initiate an AI-generated summary of their meeting.
Zoom's AI Companion is a feature included in Zoom that allows for AI-generated meeting summaries, an in-meeting AI chatbot, whiteboard generation, and smart AI recordings. By default, AI Companion and its features are turned off, but any fully licensed Zoom user at UNLV can activate these features from their Zoom account settings.
Zoom's AI Companion tool, in addition to providing summaries, can help answer questions asked by meeting participants about the content of a meeting. Preset questions are provided, such as “Catch me up”, “Was my name mentioned?”, and “What are the action items?”, which can be useful for catching up when you join late or return after stepping away from the meeting. AI Companion Questions can also help answer more specific questions, like “Was a date agreed on?”
Anyone can join a Zoom meeting that they are invited to by using a meeting link, Meeting ID, or call in number.
UNLV Faculty and Staff automatically receive a Zoom account which can host meetings.
Before you can use the Zoom + WebCampus integration, you must enable the integration for each course.
If you had a Zoom account you created yourself with your email, you will need to convert it to use your ACE account to sign in.
Zoom offers integration with Panopto to automatically send recordings of Zoom sessions to Panopto for storage and sharing.
For the best meeting experience, download the Zoom App for Windows and macOS
You can sync meetings created in Zoom to your Google Calendar by enabling calendar sync.
Zoom Webinars are like a virtual lecture hall or auditorium for large audiences or events that are open to the public. Most interaction with the audience is one-way where one or a few people are speaking and/or on camera. OIT can provide to eligible users a Zoom Webinar license for these specific types of events.
You can schedule meetings within WebCampus to automatically invite students to a Zoom meeting.