Using Discussions Redesign in WebCampus

This feature will be available later this year

Discussions Redesign is estimated to be available for WebCampus courses starting June 2024. It make take some time before this feature is made available to all courses.

Discussions Redesign adds additional features to the Discussions tool in WebCampus​​​​​​​

  • Ability to view replies in line or split view via a button at the top of the discussion topic.
  • Both Teacher and TA posts will show their role next to their name in the discussion threads.
  • Users can “mention” other users within a post or reply by using @name.
  • Users can quote parts of other posts in their posts and replies.
  • Users can “report” posts for appropriateness/offensiveness.
  • There are three levels of anonymity for discussion topics, although teacher and TA posts will never be anonymous:
    • Off – everyone’s names are displayed with their posts and replies
    • Partial – users can choose if they want to be anonymous
    • Full – all posts and replies are anonymous (with the exception of teachers and TAs)


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