WebCampus Grade Integration with MyUNLV

This feature is in private preview

This feature is only available to select instructors invited to participate in the grade sync pilot.  The feature will be available for all instructors during the Fall 2024 semester.

Instructors will have the option to push their WebCampus final course grades into their MyUNLV grade rosters. With this feature, instructors who use WebCampus to calculate grades will not need to manually enter grades into MyUNLV. For grade push to work, you will need to configure your WebCampus course and ensure all students have grades entered.

Preparing Your WebCampus Course

Enable a Grading Scheme

A grading scheme is required to convert scores within WebCampus to letter grades to send to MyUNLV. You can only use one grading scheme per course. If you have students who have opted for S/U grades, you will need to manually change them in MyUNLV.

All courses have a default grading scheme available, however, you can create a custom grading scheme to assign letter grades to score ranges.

  1. Open your WebCampus course. From left course menu, select Settings
  2. Toward the bottom, locate Grading Scheme and turn on Enable course grading scheme.
  3. From the drop down box, select the Default Canvas grading scheme. Or, if one has been created for your department/college select it from the list. You can confirm how grades will be translated to letter grades by selecting View (a). If you need to create a new grading scheme (b), you can create a new one.

    Screenshot of grading scheme options in Canvas.
  4. Select Update Course Details to save your settings.

Once the setting is applied, a letter grade will appear next to the percentage or total points isted in the Total column of your gradebook.

Assign zero grades to Missing Assignments in WebCampus

By default, WebCampus excludes ungraded assignments from the student's grade calculation, which may cause inaccurate final calculations. It is recommended that you enter a zero (0) for missing submissions. Zeros can be manually entered in the gradebook or you can set a missing grade policy to automatically assign a 0.

How WebCampus evaluates Missing Grades

A submission is labeled missing when the due date has passed and it has no submission. Before applying a missing grade policy to WebCampus Grades be sure that all graded items have updated due dates. If you copied content from a previous semester and apply a missing/late grade policy prior to updating the due dates, it will flag the students' submission as late or missing and automatically assign a 0 for each student. The only way to revert this is to manually remove all zeros.

Loading WebCampus Grades into MyUNLV

Once you have enabled your grading scheme and entered zeros for missing submissions, you are now ready to load your WebCampus grades into MyUNLV's Grade Roster.

Review your course and grades before pulling them into MyUNLV

Before pulling your grades into MyUNLV, verify:

  • Your course has the correct grading scheme
  • All assignments have grades (either a score or zero)
  • Student's final grade calculation is correct

Access the Grade Roster in MyUNLV

  1. Sign into MyUNLV.
  2. From the Faculty Homepage, select Grade Rosters icon. 
  3. Check the course name to ensure you are viewing the correct roster. If necessary, select Change Class to switch classes.
  4. Select the Grade Roster icon to the left of the class title to open the grade roster.

    Screenshot for step 4 with red arrow pointing to the grade roster icon to the left of the title of the class.

Authorize to WebCampus

  1. In the Grade Roster Action section, select Authorize to WebCampus
    Screenshot with red arrow pointing to the Authorize to WebCampus button.
  2. On the Grades to MyUNLV page, verify that your name and email address is listed and click Authorize

    Screenshot of the Canvas Grades to MyUNLV prompt.
  3. You will be redirected back to the MyUNLV grade roster with an Authorization successful message. Select OK.

Loading WebCampus Grades Into MyUNLV

  1. From your course's grade roster in MyUNLV, select Load grades from WebCampus in the Grade Roster Action box.
      Screenshot of red arrow pointing to Load grades from WebCampus button.
  2. Once grades have been uploaded, they will be visible in the Roster Grade column. Review the grades to make sure they are correct. Some grades may either need additional information or be manually changed in MyUNLV.
    • F -  You will need to report the student's last date of attendance.
    • Incomplete (I) - Incomplete grades will need to be manually assigned in MyUNLV as it will pull in the students' total grade from WebCampus. You will also need to enter the last date of attendance.
    • Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (SUS) - S/U grades will need to be manually entered.
    • Auditing (AUD) - A grade of AD will automatically be applied.
    • Withdrawn (WD) - A grade of WD will automatically applied.

      Screenshot of loaded grades in MyUNLV's grade roster.
  3. Once you have reviewed all grades, from the Approval Status drop down menu in the Grade Roster Action box, select Approved.
  4. Select Save

    Screenshot of Grade Roster Action with Approval Status drop down.

Once grades are approved, they cannot be edited. If you need to go back and change grades:

  • If it is the same day in which the status was changed to Approved, you can change the approval status back to Not Reviewed to make changes.
  • Grades are then posted during nightly processing. Once the status has changed to Posted, grades will be shown to students, and you will need to submit a grade change request to make further changes.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the WebCampus Knowledge Base for additional articles or our Services area to submit a support ticket. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.

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