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Instructors have the ability to push grades from WebCampus to MyUNLV, saving time when posting final grades to MyUNLV.
MyUNLV is your portal for all academic records at UNLV. Students can register for classes and check grades, Faculty can get class rosters and submit grades, and Administrative Staff can assist student's and faculty.
If you have forgotten or need to change your MyUNLV password, you can do so self-service via MyUNLV
Your NSHE ID is your 10-digit Nevada System of Higher Education identification number. This is also known as your student ID number. Employees are also issued this number, even if they are not a student.
Customers can make payments for academic charges in MyUNLV. If you are unable to make a payment, you may need to adjust some of your browser settings for the payment to complete.
The Staff Support Center allows UNLV employees to contact various teams in Enrollment and Student Services, and the Office of Online Education.
Your MyUNLV password will expire periodically, or anytime a new password is requested. When this happens, you will need to change it.
Your personal email allows you to receive easier password reset requests from MyUNLV, as well as receive important communication from UNLV. We recommend updating your personal email to the email you check the most.