Windows Automatic Device Encryption

To help protect university devices from unauthorized data access, UNLV Information Technology automatically encrypts IT-managed Windows devices using BitLocker. 

How Encryption Works

When your device is encrypting:

  • You can continue to use your device as normal
  • Encryption may take several hours depending on the amount of data stored on the drive
  • If you restart or turn off your computer, BitLocker will automatically suspend and resume encryption
  • For devices with a battery (such as a laptop), you should connect your device to a power source. Your device will use more battery during initial encryption, but will return to normal after encryption is complete.

BitLocker will automatically check to see if your device is encrypted. If your device is not encrypted, and you do not have an active policy exception, BitLocker will notify you encryption is about to begin.

Screenshot of BitLocker encryption prompt

On the BitLocker screen:

  • Select Start to begin the encryption process
  • Select Postpone to dismiss the prompt for 24 hours
  • Select Company Security Policy to open the UNLV IT Computer Security Policy and BitLocker Overview to learn more about BitLocker.

Once Start is selected, encryption will begin and you will see a status screen:

You may select Close to hide the window. Encryption will run in the background.

Checking Encryption Status

You can check the status of encryption from Control Panel

  1. Open Start
  2. Enter in Search: "Control Panel"
  3. In Control Panel, search "BitLocker," then select BitLocker Encryption Options

    Screenshot of Windows Control Panel with "BitLocker" in search box and arrow pointing to "BitLocker Encryption Options"

Encryption is complete and activated if Encryption On is displayed

Screenshot of BitLocker Options screen with arrow pointing to "C Drive, Encryption On"

​​​​​Requesting An Exemption

If you need to request an exemption from Automatic Encryption,  file a request via UNLV IT policies page or contact the IT Help Desk.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Computer, Device, and Printing Support knowledge base for additional articles. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.

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