Computer, Device, and Printing Support

Assistance with purchasing or repair a computer or device, request desktop services, install a printer, or gain access to an existing one.

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Technology Loan Program

Enrolled UNLV students and academic faculty can borrow technology for the entire semester through the technology loan program.

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Allowing or Blocking Pop-Ups or Redirects for Websites

Some websites require that pop-ups or redirects to be enabled for them to work properly.

Connecting to an Office Computer with Remote Desktop

Faculty and Staff with a office desktop running Windows can use Remote Desktop to connect, provided it has been setup in advance.

Installing the KACE agent (Desktop Management Software)

KACE is OIT's computer management tool installed on all UNLV-barcoded devices. KACE is used to deploy security updates and software. If it is not installed on your UNLV device, you can install it manually.

Requesting Temporary Local Administrator Access

Users that require temporary administrative access to a device, such as installing software, completing certain updates, and other tasks, can self-service request temporary administrative access. This feature is currently available on Technology Loaner Program laptops.

Troubleshooting Web Browser Problems with Web Applications

Many problems with web applications can be resolved by trying to use a private browsing window, or by clearing your cookies and cache.