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User files include uploaded assignment submissions, files attached in Inbox messages, and other files uploaded to your personal Canvas file storage area. By default, each user has 150 MB of storage space in Canvas. If you have any issues with uploading files in discussions or in Canvas messages, you might need to delete some files to make room in your storage.   

Instructions on How to View User Files

  1. In the Global Navigation menu, click on the Account link.
  2. Click on the Files link.
  3. User folders will be visible on the left panel. Upon clicking on a folder in the left panel, the folder contents will show up on right panel.
  4. The user quota, and the percentage of the quota that has been used will be show on the bottom. Files that have been submitted as assignments and graded discussions do not apply to the user quota. 

Files Page

Exceeding your file quota can result in issues such as not being able to attach files in discussions, upload new documents to your files, and add attachments to Canvas messages.

Instructions on How to Download or Delete Files

If you encounter any errors when trying to attach files in Canvas messages or in discussions, it is possible that there is no available space left in your file storage. To resolve the issue, files must be deleted to make space for your new files. Files in the Submissions folder do not count towards the user quota. 

  1. In the Files page, hover over the file that you want to download or delete.
  2. Select the vertical ellipsis icon  and a number of options will show.
  3. Select the Download option if you want the download the file first. If not, skip this step.
  4. After downloading the file, repeat step 2 and select Delete to remove the file from your account

Files Options

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