Adding Additional Users to a Faculty Website


If you want to add additional users to update content on your website, there are multiple ways depending on what level of access you want them to have.


You can add additional users to your Faculty Web account so multiple users can edit the site content. There are multiple ways to grant access, depending on what level of access you want the additional users to have.

WordPress Editor Only

WordPress Editors will need to connect to VPN

In order to better secure your website against malicious attacks, users who are added as WordPress Editors will need to connect to VPN before they can log in when off campus. When on campus and connected to campus Wi-Fi, VPN is not required.

VPN is not required to access WordPress from the Faculty Web Dashboard. VPN is also not required for website visitors.

Most customers only want additional users to edit content on their WordPress site, and not be able to manage the account as a whole. In this case, the website owner can add these users to WordPress.

  1. Go to your WordPress site's admin panel
    • From cPanel, go to My Apps, then click the URL ending in wp-admin
    • This will pass you through automatically to the WordPress admin area

      WordPress app with admin link highlighted

  2. In the left navigation, hover over Users, then select All Users

    WordPress Admin with Users > All Users highlighted

  3. Select Add New

    WordPress Admin user list with "Add New" button highlighted

  4. Enter a username (do not use generic usernames like "admin" or "user"). An ACE username will work as well, but the other user won't use their ACE password.
  5. Enter the email for the user
  6. Complete the additional fields
  7. Set the role to at least Editor for site designing access. A list of all roles can be found from WordPress Support.
  8. Select Add New User

    Add User page with role and save buttons highlighted

Leave the box checked to send the login information to the other user. They will log in to your site using the admin URL (ending in wp-admin).

cPanel Access

If you want to delegate control of your entire site to another user, you can request to have cPanel Access delegated to another user. Faculty Web Support will need to perform this delegation. Once done, the other user will log in to the Faculty Web Dashboard to access your site. Submit a ticket by selecting the Get Assistance button on this page.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Faculty Web knowledge base for additional articles or select a Related Service to submit a support ticket. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.



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