Accounts, Access, and Identity

Accounts, authentication, access, and role-based provisioning for campus technologies, including for your ACE account (Rebelcard, WebCampus, UNLVMail, Workday), MyUNLV, RebelCard, and other enterprise systems.

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ACE Account

The UNLV ACE account allows you to log in to various UNLV services and applications with just one username and password.

Guest and Group Accounts

Guest accounts can be provided for user's who would not otherwise be given an ACE Account. Group accounts are available for things such as group mailboxes.


Your RebelCard is your official campus ID. Use your RebelCard at the library, Student Recreation and Wellness Center, and more. Deposit money to your RebelCard and use your RebelCash for printing, dining on campus, vending machines, and at a number of restaurants and shops both on and off campus.

Articles (2)

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is a password manager tool that helps customers generate unique passwords for their online accounts and store them securely.

Preparing for International Travel (or limited mobile connectivity)

If you are going to be traveling and cannot complete multi-factor authentication either because your phone will not be online or able to receive SMS messages, we can help prepare you for offline multi-factor authentication.