Troubleshooting Web Browser Problems with Web Applications

If you are having problems with accessing web applications, you can often resolve these problems by testing in a private browsing window, and then clearing your cookies and cache.

Using Private Browsing

A Private Browsing window allows you to launch a new browser session, as if the browser was never used before. This can test to see if your cache and/or cookies may be causing problems with your web applications.

Clearing Cookies and Cache

If your web application was working properly in a private browsing window, but not in your normal browsing window, you will likely need to clear your cache and cookies to fix your problem. Many issues with web applications can be resolved by clearing the cache and cookies as this will reset your browser.

Specific Websites

You can clear your cookies and cache for a specific website so you do not need to clear all cookies. If you are having problems with a UNLV website, such as MyUNLV, WebCampus, or ACE, you will want to clear cookies for these domains:


Instructions for each browser can be found below:

All Websites

If clearing cookies for all websites did not work, or you would prefer to clear all data, you can use your browsers reset function. When following the instructions for your browser, we recommend selecting the All time option when asked for a time frame. Additionally, you only need to clear your Cache and Cookie data; you do not need to clear your history or any other data.

Use a Different Browser

In rare cases, you may want to try using a different browser for your web application. While many modern browsers support most web technology, sometimes a different browser handles certain web apps better.

Apple Safari is only available on macOS and is pre-installed by Apple. You cannot download it from Apple online.

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