Technology Loan Program

To help remove barriers to technology access, enrolled UNLV students and academic faculty can borrow technology for the entire semester through the technology loan program. Technology available includes laptops for students and iPads, webcams, and lapel microphones for academic faculty. Supplies are limited.

Eligible Customers and Available Technology

Students Academic Faculty
Windows Laptop iPad
MacBook Webcam
  Lapel Microphone

Requesting a Loan

Students and Academic Faculty can submit a request online. Once approved, the IT Help Desk will contact the customer with instructions on when to pickup the device.

Once the request is granted, instructions to pick up the technology will be emailed to the student or academic faculty member.

Installing Software

Check the software directory to find software that is available for home use, or in computer labs, or RebelApps.

Device Support

If you need support with a loaned device, please contact the IT Help Desk or visit a IT Help Desk location.

Returning Devices

At the end of each semester, you will receive an email from the Technology Loan Program notifying you if you are eligible to renew your equipment, or you must return it.


Generally, you should be eligible to renew if all of the following are true:

  • You received the equipment during the current semester
  • You are enrolled for the next semester

If you are eligible, you will need to reply to the email you received to complete the renewal.


You may return your device at any time, but you must return your device if requested to do so.

If you are returning your device, be sure to save any data you need from the device before returning it. All devices are wiped upon return with no data recovery. Also, be sure to return all equipment and accessories including all chargers. The IT Help Desk will not accept incomplete returns.

Return In Person

You may return your equipment to any IT Help Desk location:

  • Classroom Building Complex (CHB) B113
  • Student Union (SU) 231

For current hours or to make an optional appointment please visit the IT Help Desk website.

Return By Mail

If you are unable to come to the IT Help Desk to return your equipment, you may also return your equipment by mail.

If you are returning by mail please complete, print, and include a Technology Loan Program Return By Mail packing slip. If you cannot print the form, then write the same information onto a sheet of paper and include in the box.

We strongly recommend using Pack and Ship service at the UPS Store as a convenient way to ship your equipment, however, you can use any shipping carrier. We strongly recommend using a service that provides a tracking number and insurance for your equipment.

Please send equipment to:
Technology Loaner Program Box 1032
LAS VEGAS NV 89154-9900

Home Internet Assistance

The federal government is helping eligible households pay for Internet service through the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Computer, Device, and Printing Support Knowledge Base for additional articles or select a Related Service to submit a support ticket. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.


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