Sharing Content in a Zoom Meeting

During a Zoom meeting, you can share content like your screen or a file with participants. 

Starting to Share

To begin sharing, select Share Screen the Zoom meeting controls.

Once you select Share Screen, select: Basic, Advanced, or Files. If you are sharing any content that has sound, turn on Share Sound near the bottom of the share window.


Basic mode allows you to share:

  • Your entire screen
  • A collaborative digital whiteboard
  • Content on your iPhone or iPad
  • Any applications you have currently open, like your browser or PowerPoint


Advanced mode allows you share:

  • PowerPoint slides as a virtual background, so that your face is in front of your slides
  • A selected portion of the screen
  • Computer audio only
  • A video file
  • Content from a second camera, if one is connected, like a document camera


Files mode allows you to share a file from a supported document storage provider.

Sharing Controls

Once you have started sharing, there are additional controls you can enable.

Advanced Sharing Options

To access advanced sharing options:

  1. Open the menu to the right of Share Screen in Zoom meeting controls
  2. Select Advanced Sharing Options

This will open the Advanced Sharing Options window, where you can select whether one or multiple Participants can share at once, who can share (Host only or all Participants), and who can start sharing when someone else is (Host only, or all Participants).


Annotation allows you to draw on your shared content

  1. In your meeting controls, select Annotate
  2. Once you are in annotate mode, you can draw on the screen, use stamps and a spotlight, and add text. You can also move these elements across the screen, or erase them if they are no longer needed.

Screen Control

You can allow a Participant in your meeting to control or even annotate screen remotely. To have a Participant control your screen:

  1. In your meeting controls, select Remote Control

  2. Under Give Mouse/Keyboard Control to, select the Participant you wish to pass control to
  3. Once selected, the Participant will receive a popup on their Zoom window. From there, they can accept the request to assume control of your screen
    • Once they accept the request, the Remote Control option on your meeting controls will read Remote Controlled
    • The green bar that reads You are Screen Sharing will also change to read [Participant’s Name] is Controlling Your Screen

  4. The Participant can move the cursor, click, and use the keyboard
  5. When you want to stop the Participant’s access, select Remote Controlled > Stop Remote Control

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Zoom Knowledge Base for additional articles. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.

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