Learn about the various controls and features available during a Zoom meeting.

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Audio and Video Settings in a Zoom Meeting

You can adjust your audio and video setting to your preference before and during a Zoom meeting.

Breakout Rooms in a Zoom Meeting

Breakout rooms allow you to break your participants into smaller sessions for small group discussions, and then return everyone to the larger session when done.

Chat within a Zoom Meeting

You can use chat in a Zoom meeting to send messages to the whole meeting, or to select users. Hosts can control participants chat permissions.

Managing Participants in a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting Hosts can manage participants within a meeting such as assigning roles and managing permissions.

Polling and Surveying Participants in a Zoom Meeting

Polls and surveys can be used to ask multiple choice questions of participants while in a Zoom meeting.

React or Raise Hand in a Zoom Meeting

Attendees can use various non-verbal signals to indicate understanding, asking a question, and more.

Recording a Zoom Meeting

You can record meetings to the cloud or locally to your computer to be shared later.

Sharing Content in a Zoom Meeting

You can share content like your screen, a file, or a second camera to your meeting participants.

Transcripts and Captions in Zoom Meetings

Zoom can automatically transcribe what people speak which can be used to create a transcript and show captions to other viewers.

Using Whiteboards in a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Whiteboards are a collaborative space in a Zoom meeting to allow participants to contribute to a virtual whiteboard.