Polling and Surveying Participants in a Zoom Meeting

Polls are a way to increase engagement and interactivity in a meeting by asking questions for participants to vote or respond to. To access polling, select Polls.

The "Polls" meeting control

Using Polls

If you have Polls saved to your Polls/Quizzes Library, you can edit or launch them in a meeting. If you have none or wish to create a new Poll, there are two options.


Polls are multiple-choice based activities, and have two options:

  • Single Choice, where Participants can choose only one of the listed options
  • Multiple Choice, where Participants can choose more than one of the listed options

Advanced Polls and Quizzes

Advanced Polls and Quizzing offer more options for engagement, such as the ability to add images in the poll and a more robust selection of poll types. These options include:

  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Matching
  • Rank Order
  • Short Answer text
  • Long Answer text

Launching and Ending a Poll

To launch a poll during your meeting:

  1. Select Poll on the Zoom menu bar
  2. In the Poll menu
    1. If there are no existing Polls, select Create to create your first one, then select your poll type

      The "Create" button highlighted
    2. To edit an existing poll, select Edit from the menu for that poll

      The three "more" dots highlighted, with the following three options appearing in a drop-down: Edit, Duplicate, Delete
  3. Customize your question to your preferences. If you want to save the poll for later use after the meeting, you can also tick the box beside
    Add to Polls/Quizzes Library

    The box beside "Add to Polls/Quizzes Library" is highlighted
  4. After customizing your poll, select Save
  5. Back in the poll window, select Launch to send the poll to participants

    The "Launch" button beside a poll, highlighted
  6. When you are ready to stop collecting responses, select End Poll.

    The "End Poll" button

Need Additional Help?

For more information on these options and using them in a meeting, refer to Conducting Advanced Polls and Quizzes in Meetings from Zoom Support.

For additional assistance, please visit the Zoom Knowledge Base for additional articles. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.

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