Joining a Zoom Meeting as an Attendee or Student

To join a Zoom meeting, you will need the meeting information from the host. Before you join, make sure your device is compatible and you have the Zoom client installed. If you don't have the Zoom client, you'll be prompted to install it when you join.

Finding a Link to Join a Meeting

Depending on how the host scheduled a meeting, you may find a meeting invitation in a few places:

Email or Manual Distribution

If your host invited you to your meeting via email, you should receive the meeting link, Meeting ID/Passcode, and dial-in information. Your host may also include joining information though other means such as posting on a website, WebCampus, flyer, etc.

The "join meeting" link highlighted in an email invitation, under text reading "Join Zoom Meeting"

Google Calendar

If the host scheduled in Google Calendar and opted to send email invitations to invited guests, you will receive a Google Calendar invitation with a link to join the Zoom meeting.

The "Join Zoom Meeting" hyperlink highlighted in the Google Calendar invitation


If your instructor has enabled the Zoom integration in your WebCampus course, meetings scheduled with the integration will appear there:

  1. Open your WebCampus course
  2. In the left navigation, select Zoom

    The Zoom tab highlighted
  3. Upcoming meetings will display

Joining a Meeting

There are a few ways that you can join a Zoom meeting you were invited to:

Need Additional Help?

For more information, see Joining a Meeting and Getting Started with Zoom Meetings for Participants from Zoom Support.

If you’re having issues joining a meeting, see Troubleshooting When You Can’t Join a Zoom Meeting from Zoom Support.

For additional assistance, please visit the Zoom Knowledge Base for additional articles. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.

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