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[Private Preview] Student Observers can monitor assigned students in courses. This function can be used for advisors to assist students.
If your instructor publishes a Zoom recording to WebCampus, you can access it from the Zoom page.
Anyone can join a Zoom meeting that they are invited to by using a meeting link, Meeting ID, or call in number.
UNLV students use Rebelmail, powered by Google Workspace for Education. Rebelmail accounts are very similar to UNLVMail accounts that employees use, but they exist within a separate domain ( A Rebelmail account provides access to more than just e-mail, and includes a collaborative suite of useful applications.
If your instructor asks you to complete questions within a Panopto video, this article will assist you with completing the assignment and receiving credit.
Students who need to record and submit multimedia with Panopto can follow these instructions to create, upload, and submit their work.
RAVE is a web-based application that allows UNLV employees to send university news and information to students according to their academic standing.
SEND (Student E-Newsletters from Departments) is a web-based program that collects submitted messages and then creates e-newsletters for students. Messages can be targeted for students in a specific college and a specific department.
This guide for students illustrates the process of attending, and if need be, troubleshooting, when joining a Webex call.
Students can use this guide to learn how to open, play, and navigate within Panopto videos
Students are able to host their own web content through the RebelSites service.