LastPass Password Manager


LastPass is a password manager tool that helps customers generate unique passwords for their online accounts and store them securely.


LastPass is a password manager that helps keep your account information safe by generating unique passwords for your online accounts, then storing them centrally in an encrypted database called a vault. LastPass can then automatically fill in your username and password on the site that you have it set up for. It's like saving passwords in your browser, except LastPass works across multiple browsers and devices at the same time. 

You would use LastPass for storing things that are for work, school or personal. 

Getting Started and Sign In

Signing In on New Devices

When signing in to a new device, you'll use your ACE Account (for Faculty/Staff accounts), or your LastPass email and Master Password (for Family and Student/Alumni accounts). For additional security, LastPass will send you an email when you try to sign in on a new device to confirm the sign in before completing setup on the new device.

If you sign into new devices frequently, or are having difficulties with signing in on a new device, you can disable the extra verification:

  1. On a device you are already signed in to LastPass, open your LastPass vault
  2. In the left menu, select Account Settings
  3. In the pop-up, select Show Advanced Settings at the bottom
  4. Under Disable Email Verification, turn on Don't require email verification from unknown devices and locations

    Screenshot of LastPass Account Settings with Advanced Settings shown and Disable email verification highlighted
  5. Select Update

Your account settings will close automatically when your changes are saved. For more information, see How do I disable email verification for LastPass? from LastPass Support.

LastPass Features

Remember to delete import/export files after you are done using them

When importing or exporting your passwords to and from LastPass, you'll use a file that may store your passwords in plain text. Remember to permanently delete this file after you are done importing or exporting your passwords.

Linking Business and Personal Accounts

With staff accounts, you can link a personal LastPass account to your staff account and have all passwords across both accounts available for use. This also activates your complimentary LastPass Families benefit.

More Features

Question Business Account (for Staff) Family Account (for Staff) Premium Account (for Students/Alumni)
I already have a personal LastPass account. How can I upgrade it? Your business account provides a complimentary LastPass Families account. When you link your accounts, LastPass will automatically upgrade your personal account to a family account. You can then invite additional family members, even if they already have an account.     When you claim your premium account benefit (see Students and Alumni above), you'll be asked to provide a personal email to apply the benefit to. Use the same personal email that you use for your existing LastPass account.
How do I navigate my Vault? The LastPass Vault is where all of your passwords, Notes, and items are stored, and easily accessible in the left navigation. You can organize your Vault view by folders, move or manage items in bulk, and manage your user account. Watch the video to meet your LastPass Vault.
How do I set up account recovery? Your account is linked to your ACE Account. If you are locked out, contact the IT Help Desk. There are several options to set up account recovery.
How do I link my personal account with my University account? LastPass allows you to link your personal LastPass account with your University account to sync passwords between them. This account is meant to be used individually for personal use.
How can I import my passwords from another password manager or spreadsheet? You can import data from other password managers or spreadsheets by utilizing the import tool. For your security, make sure to permanently delete the files you use to import your passwords.
How can I export my vault data? You can export your data from LastPass to migrate to another password manager by utilizing the export tool. For your security, make sure to permanently delete the files you use to export your passwords.
How can I securely share one password with someone else? You can have LastPass securely share a password with someone else by inviting them with an email.
How can I share multiple passwords with other users? You can share groups of passwords by utilizing shared folders. You cannot share folders, only individual passwords.
Can operator accounts have an account? No. Only faculty, staff and students are eligible. Not applicable.


Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Accounts, Access, and Identity knowledge base for additional articles or select a Related Service to submit a support ticket. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.



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