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Your UNLV LastPass account for employees is a LastPass Business account which includes the following benefits:

  • Single Sign On with your ACE Account
  • Automatic, unique password generation for each website
  • Centralized, backed up storage for your passwords
  • Ability to securely share items with other users
  • The IT Help Desk can assist you in the event you get locked out
  • Complimentary LastPass Families subscription, which creates a group account for up to 6 users

OIT and UNLV cannot see your passwords stored in any of your vaults (work and personal).


  • UNLV Employees

Getting Started

Please click on Request Staff Account on this page to get started. 

Once your account is created, you will need to activate it.

  1. Look for an email from
  2. Select Activate LastPass

  3. A new tab will open. Enter the activation code shown in the email into the activation code field.

  4. Your LastPass account has been activated. You can then install the LastPass extension by selecting Install LastPass.

  5. After LastPass extension has been installed, select it to open LastPass.
  6. Enter your UNLV email address
  7. Select Log In

  8. You will then be prompted to sign in with your ACE Account
Request Employee Account

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