Getting Started with WebCampus for Instructors


This article has information for instructors about getting started with WebCampus, general information such as when semester course shells will be available to build/edit, an instructor checklist, and links to other helpful resources.


WebCampus (powered by Canvas), is UNLV's learning management system. A course shell is created for all UNLV for-credit courses, but instructors are not required to use WebCampus. Instructors can upload course materials, create quizzes, and assignments in WebCampus. 

Logging in to WebCampus

Log in to WebCampus at and use your ACE account.

Need Help Signing In?

You can change your password and update your multifactor settings through the ACE Dashboard.

System Requirements & Supported Browsers

Canvas supports the current and first previous major releases of most web browsers. Please visit Canvas' browser and computer requirements page to ensure you have the minimum requirements for using WebCampus.

You may also download the Canvas Teacher app for Android and iOS devices. 

Course Availability

Courses are typically available a few months before the start of a new semester. An announcement will be posted in WebCampus when new course shells will be available. Your access will also depend on whether you have been assigned to your courses in MyUNLV.  Any changes to course assignments in MyUNLV will be reflected in WebCampus within 12-24 hours.

Getting Started Resources

Adding A Syllabus to WebCampus

Use the WebCampus Syllabus tool to either copy content from a Word document directly into the Rich Content Editor or link to your Syllabus by uploading it into your Course Files. More information can be found in the Syllabus Canvas Guide.

If you are using Modules, you can also add your syllabus to one of your modules.

Adding a TA or Another Instructor to Your Course

Instructors can add additional users to their current WebCampus courses from the People tab in their course. Please submit a service request if you need to add users to a course from a previous semester.

Below is a list of more common roles used in WebCampus. A full description of all available course roles can be found in our WebCampus Add Users knowledge base article.

  • Teacher/Instructor: Teachers/instructors will have full access to all areas of the course, including student grades and submissions.
  • Teaching Assistant (TA): This is like11 Teacher/Instructor access to a course with the following exceptions: TAs are not able to add other users to a course, TAs are not able to review LockDown Browser videos when a webcam is required for a test, and courses are hidden from TAs 2 weeks after the semester ends.
  • Designer: A designer can add/remove/edit content in the course but will not have access to student submissions nor edit/assign grades. Designers will have read only access to a course once the semester concludes.
  • Student: Student adds/enrollments are managed via our integration with MyUNLV. If you would like someone manually added as a student to your course(s), please submit a service request.

To add a user to your course:

  1. Click People in your Course navigation menu on the left.
  2. Click the +People button.
  3. Select Login ID in the Add user(s) by option.
  4. Enter the user’s ACE username in the box provided. (Additional ACE IDs can be entered if separated by a comma.)
  5. Select a Role to grant the user
  6. Click Next.
  7. Verify that the correct user(s) appear in the list and click on Add Users.

Reusing Content (Course Copy)

Instructors can reuse content from a previous semester by copying materials from one course shell to another using the Import Content option in WebCampus. You must have access as an instructor to the course you are wanting to copy. If copying content from a previous semester, we recommend using the Select Specific Content and select everything except Announcements.

Instructions for copying a course:

  1. From the new course shell, click on Settings in the course menu.
  2. Click Import Course Content.
  3. For the Content Type, select Copy a Canvas Course.
  4. Search for your old course prefix, number and section and select the course you would like to copy.
  5. Choose Select specific content.
  6. Click Import.
  7. Click on Select content in the Current Jobs section.
  8. Check the boxes next to the content you want to copy and click on Select Content.

Need Additional Help?

Other WebCampus Resources:

WebCampus Virtual Open Labs - Attend one of our Friday (9am – 11am) virtual WebCampus Open Labs or submit a request for a 1:1 virtual support session for a different day and time.

For additional assistance, please visit the IT Help Desk’s WebCampus Knowledge Base or the Canvas instructor guides for additional articles or our Services area to submit a support ticket. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.



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