Legal and Preferred Name Changes (including ACE Username)

Many university accounts automatically use your legal name as it appears on your official ID. This information comes from Workday (employees) and MyUNLV (students). If you are both a student and employee, Workday generally takes priority for your information. You can request to change your legal or preferred name and display that name on most university accounts. In some cases, you may also request a new ACE username.

Before You Begin

preferred name change is when you would like your display name on your university accounts to reflect a preferred name, such as a nickname. This type of change does not require proof of name but is subject to approval.

legal name change is when you legally change your name on official IDs. You will need to submit proof of the new name before it is updated.

A username change is when you request a new ACE username. A username change can only be granted for one of these reasons:

  • You legally change your name
  • The email address or ACE ID created through the automated process is considered offensive.
  • You have received harassing or stalking emails, unresolved through other means.

Requesting Preferred Name Changes

Preferred name changes will not hide your legal name

Your preferred name will not replace your legal name. Your legal name will still show on class rosters (in addition to the preferred name) and in select record systems. Some offices/departments will still need to confirm your legal name for verification purposes.


First, update your preferred name in MyUNLV which will show on class rosters. You will also need to update your Display Name in Webex.

Then, complete the account name change form.


First, update your preferred name in Workday:

  1. Go to Workday
  2. In the search bar, enter Change My Preferred Name
  3. Disable Use Legal Name As Preferred Name
  4. Enter your new preferred name
  5. Select Submit

Then, complete the account name change form.

Requesting Legal Name Changes

legal name change is when you legally change your name on official IDs. You will need to submit proof of your new name to the Registrar's Office and/or Human Resources before it is updated.

Submitting for Legal Name Change

Students must complete and submit a Change of Personal Identification Data Form and submit to the Registrar's office. We recommend submitting the request though the Rebel Success Hub.

  1. Go to the Submit Documents form in Rebel Success Hub
  2. Select Student Records or Registrar Documents
  3. Select Change of Personal Identification Information
  4. Follow the instructions to upload your documentation and submit

Employees must submit a legal name change in Workday, or contact their department's HR Partner or UNLV Human Resources.

  1. Go to Workday
  2. In the search bar, enter Change My Legal Name
  3. Enter your new legal name
  4. Upload the supporting documentation, such as a new social security card
  5. Select Submit

Requesting Display Name and Username Change

Once you have received confirmation your legal name has been changed, notify OIT by completing the account name change form. You have the option of requesting a new ACE username and email address. You do not need to provide OIT with any documentation as we will verify your new name in Workday and/or MyUNLV.

Additional Username Change Requests

There are additional circumstances where you want to request a new ACE username.

Offensive Name

ACE usernames and Rebelmail email addresses are assigned though an automated process, typically using portions of your last name and assigning a number. UNLVMail addresses are based on your legal first name and last name.

On rare occasion, this may result in a offensive username or email being unintentionally assigned. You can request a new username by completing the account name change form.


If you are the subject of harassment by another UNLV student, please contact the Office of Student Conduct directly first.

If you cannot resolve the harassment, submit the account name change form, or contact the IT Help Desk to request a change of username and/or email address.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Accounts, Access, and Identity Knowledge Base for additional articles or select a Related Service to submit a support ticket. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.

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