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All UNLV Graduates will automatically become Alumni Association (AA) members for free. Upon graduation, new alumni members will receive a welcome package which includes their Membership ID when they graduate. The Alumni Engagement office grants you access to a '' address powered by Gmail.
Learn how to check your Gmail account and newsletter group settings to make sure you receive newsletter messages.
New students can request an activation email to activate their ACE account via online self-activation.
UNLV students use Rebelmail, powered by Google Workspace for Education. Rebelmail accounts are very similar to UNLVMail accounts that employees use, but they exist within a separate domain ( A Rebelmail account provides access to more than just e-mail, and includes a collaborative suite of useful applications.
UNLV employees use UNLVMail, powered by Google Workspace for Education. A UNLVMail account provides access to more than just e-mail, and includes a collaborative suite of useful applications.
The Office of Information Technology works to prevent phishing messages from reaching your inbox and sends phishing alerts to keep campus informed of threats. However, your best defense is to always think before you click.
When you send bulk messages (50 or more recipients), to internal or external (or mixed) recipients, we strongly recommend that you create a Google Group mailing list to send the message instead of adding the individual recipients to the TO or CC field in Gmail.
You can configure Gmail to automatically add a signature to the end of all of your emails. Web and Digital Strategy offers for employees a signature generator which helps bring consistency and professionalism to all our electronic communications.
Quick start and tip guide for using Gmail.
Your personal email is used for self-service password reset requests, as well as to deliver important information from UNLV to you. We recommend updating this to a non-UNLV email that you check regularly.
Your personal email allows you to receive easier password reset requests from MyUNLV, as well as receive important communication from UNLV. We recommend updating your personal email to the email you check the most.