UNLVMail now uses your ACE Account for sign in

For standard UNLVMail accounts, when you sign in to your UNLVMail account, you'll now be prompted to sign in to your ACE Account. If you sign in from a Google sign in page, you'll enter your full UNLVMail address, then you'll be redirected to the ACE Login page and use your ACE username and password. You can also login to UNLVMail though the ACE Dashboard. Go to ace.unlv.edu, then select a UNLVMail app.

Screenshot of ACE Dashboard showing UNLVMail tiles

ACE Multifactor Authentication will also replace Google's 2-Step Verification for your UNLVMail account. You'll use your MFA methods set up for your ACE Account. If you've signed in with ACE recently, you'll be automatically signed in. The IT Help Desk strongly recommends setting up Okta Verify.

This change does not yet apply to group or generic email accounts.

UNLV employees use UNLVMail, powered by Google Workspace for Education. A UNLVMail account provides access to more than just e-mail, and includes a collaborative suite of useful applications:

  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Drive (Cloud Storage and Productivity Apps)
  • Sites (Web Pages)
  • Groups (Mailing Lists)
  • Contacts
  • Meet
  • Keep
  • Jamboard
  • Lucidcharts (Diagrams)  - Limited to 3 documents unless a license is purchased

UNLVMail accounts use a domain (@unlv.edu) that is distinct from the student Rebelmail domain (@unlv.nevada.edu), and they also have separate directories.  Student employees will have accounts in both domains, and typically should use UNLVMail for their work correspondence and Rebelmail for their student correspondence.  They may, however, forward their UNLVMail correspondence to their Rebelmail accounts if they desire. Conversely, some faculty and staff members may have Rebelmail accounts that were created prior to the existence of UNLVMail, and they may continue to use them.  New faculty and staff members, however, are only issued UNLVMail accounts.

Account Creation and Activation

UNLVMail accounts are created at the same time as your ACE Account. All active UNLV employees (including student workers) are eligible for UNLVMail accounts and will remain active for the duration of employment.

Once you activate your ACE Account, you can locate your email and then sign in to your account.

Signing In

You can sign in to your UNLVMail account one of two ways:

Option 1: ACE Dashboard

  1. Go to ace.unlv.edu
  2. Sign in with your ACE Account

    ACE Login screen
  3. Select a UNLVMail app.

    ACE Dashboard with UNLVMail Mail, Calendar, and Drive tiles

Option 2: Google Account

  1. Go to any Google service, like mail.google.com for Gmail
  2. Enter your full UNLVMail address
  3. If prompted, sign in with your ACE Account

    Google sign in email screen with arrow pointing to ACE login page

If you sign in to the Gmail mobile app, or a compatible third-party app, you would use Option 2.

Finding your UNLVMail Address

You can locate your UNLVMail address from your Gmail inbox.

  1. Sign in to UNLVMail using Option 1 above (ace.unlv.edu)
  2. Select UNLVMail Mail from your Dashboard
  3. In the upper right, select the UNLVMail logo / account photo
  4. Locate your UNLVMail address in the pop-up below

    Screenshot of Gmail showing user's email address

Want to change your UNLVMail address?

By default, your UNLVMail address is assigned based on your name in Workday when the account was created. If you have a preferred name, you can request a new UNLVMail address by requesting an update to your preferred name.

Password Reset Information

This service uses the ACE account, so password resets can be completed through the ACE Self-Service page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my UNLVMail address?

Your UNLVMail address is typically your firstname.lastname followed by @unlv.edu (e.g. jane.doe@unlv.edu). You can locate your email though Gmail. If you have a preferred name, you can request a new UNLVMail address by requesting an update to your preferred name.

What is my UNLVMail password?

Your UNLVMail password is the same as your ACE password. You'll be prompted to sign in to your ACE Account if you sign in though a Google sign in page. You can reset your password on the ACE Self Service Page.

How long is my UNLVMail account active?

Access to UNLVMail is controlled by your ACE Account. Refer to Faculty / Staff section of ACE Account for information on eligibility.

What if I need temporary access to an inactive UNLVMail account for a short period of time?

Refer to the Faculty / Staff section of ACE Account Information on how to request temporary access.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Google Workspace knowledge base for additional articles. You can also contact the IT Help Desk.

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