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If you want to add additional users to update content on your website, there are multiple ways depending on what level of access you want them to have.
How to login to the administrator panel of your WordPress website in Faculty Web
Faculty Web users with WordPress for their website have a pre-installed plugin that helps protect your site from attacks by limiting and notifying you when suspicious logins are detected.
Faculty Web accounts have multiple backup mechanisms. Backups are recommended on a regular basis, as well as when you are making major updates to your site.
All Faculty Web accounts start with 1 GB of storage. Customers running out of space can work to clean up their accounts, or may be able to request more storage.
Once your hosting account has been created, you can install Wordpress (or other available apps) in your hosting account
Every Faculty Web hosting account will have several components used to manage your hosting account and to start building your site.
To get started with Faculty Web, customers must first request an account be created for them.
You can upload files directly into your Faculty Website using the File Manager. You might do this if you build your website in a third-party editor.