My Recently Visited Services

An account extension may be requested if the owner of an account needs to access an account they are no longer eligible for.

DocuSign is an eSignature platform to route documents and collect signatures.

Request assistance with logging into Workday.

Store HIPAA protected data in UNLVMail or Rebelmail.

Request a consultation for enterprise server and data storage services.

Request assistance with general troubleshooting for server-related infrastructure.

Request assistance with access, creation, or other updates to a shared drive (X: Drive).

Close your RebelCard cash account and receive a refund of the remaining available balance.

Contact the registrar's office for assistance with student records, including registration, transcripts, graduation, and more.

General assistance with UNLVMail or Rebelmail.

Request assistance with multi-factor authentication for UNLVMail or Rebelmail.

Use this service to request an update to your UNLVMail directory information.

Request assistance with Quadpoint.

Request that an application be virtualized for remote access.

Aramark employees may use this service to report a network issue with a register.

Submit immunization records to MyUNLV.