Utilizing Classrooms with Integrated Recording Equipment

Select rooms at UNLV are equipped with permanently installed Panopto lecture capture equipment. Please look at our UNLV Panopto Resource site to see which rooms are equipped with integrated recording equipment, along with our other Panopto resources.

Scheduled Recordings vs. Ad Hoc Recordings

Classrooms with integrated equipment offer both scheduled recordings (recommended), or ad hoc recordings.

Scheduled recordings are recording sessions that are requested by you and scheduled by OIT in advance of your recording session. When the recording session is scheduled, you will be able to record your session at the designated time. Once processing has completed, the recording will be made available to you in the Panopto Recordings library in the designated course. OIT recommends scheduling automated recordings whenever possible as this is the fastest method to gain access to your completed recording session.

Ad hoc Panopto recordings are done without scheduling a recording through OIT beforehand. Ad hoc recordings are available in all classrooms with integrated lecture capture equipment. When doing an ad hoc recording, you will have the chance to set the duration of the recording, as well as set the name of the recording. However, unlike scheduled recordings, you will need to submit a form after you are done recording to transfer your video to your desired Panopto folder or course.

Before You Start

Before you run scheduled or ad hoc sessions, you will need to prepare your WebCampus course to receive the recording.

Scheduling Automated Recordings

Once the Panopto folder has been created, you can now request to schedule for Scheduled Recording.

  1. Fill out and submit the Panopto Lecture Capture – Request for Scheduling Form 48 hours in advance.
  2. Once your form is submitted, an IT Help Desk ticket will be created for you. This is not a confirmation that the recording has been scheduled. OIT will communicate with you via the ticket to let you know the status of your recording request.

Preparing the Classroom

When it's time to record, you will need to prepare the classroom for the recording session. The instructions are mostly the same for both scheduled and ad hoc recordings.

Audio Setup

All Panopto recordings must include audio. You must wear a microphone to record a Panopto session, making sure that it is on and unmuted. You may not hear yourself through the classroom sound system. This ensures that your voice ends up on the recording.

  1. Contact Classroom Technology Services to sign out a key in order to access the lectern drawer containing the microphone(s) needed for your recording.
  2. Find the wireless lavalier microphone in the lectern and unplug it from the charger.
  3. Turn on the microphone and clip it near the top of your shirt. You can attach the belt pack (transmitter) onto your belt or slide it into a pocket.

    The microphone clipped near the top of the wearer's shirt. The "On" button is also activated. also
  4. In the classroom, at the lectern, go to the Creston touch panel and touch the Camera icon. You should see a bar beneath the camera preview that indicates your audio levels. Start speaking into the lavalier microphone and check your audio levels. This will verify that your microphone is on and unmuted

    The microphone level indicator
  5. The touch panel will indicate if your lavalier mic is not turned on, or if it is turned on and muted. If the panel has a red outline, and the microphone icon is illuminated, your microphone is muted. Slide the Mute switch on your mic or press the Microphone icon on the touch panel to unmute it.

Video Setup

Touch the Camera icon on the Crestron touch panel. You should see a preview image of what will appear on the camera. You have two options for setting up video:

User Defined View

You can use the Zoom and Pan controls (the arrows and zoom in and zoom out buttons) located on either side of the preview window. By using these buttons, you are able to move the camera up, down, right, or left, and you can also zoom in or out. This will allow you to better define the camera angle you want in your video.

The Camera screen on the Crestron, with the Zoom and Arrow buttons highlighted


You also have the option to select one of the two presets below the camera preview window to position the camera to your desired location. There are four options:

  • Lectern View, which focuses on the lectern
  • Front of Room View, which focuses on the whiteboard/projection screen at the front of the room

Keep in mind that the arrows and zoom buttons are not available for the Lectern View or Front of Room View, as these presets are pre-set and unable to be altered.

  • Custom #1
  • Custom #2

For a Custom #1 or Custom #2 preset view, you can use the controls on the right to move the camera to your desired location and zoom in and out. Once you have created your ideal view, press and hold the Custom button to save it. Custom presets will not save after you power off the Crestron touch panel, so you will have to set them every time you begin recording.

Note: Presets are unavailable in rooms which have camera tracking.

The Camera screen on the Crestron, with the Preset buttons highlighted.

Recording the Session

Starting the Recording

How you start the recording depends on if it was scheduled in advance, or is an unscheduled ad hoc recording.

Scheduled Recordings

  1. Touch Capture / Record on the Crestron touch panel.

    The Crestron panel's welcome screen, with the Capture icon highlighted.
  2. If your submitted recording schedule form has been processed, the touch panel will display the date and time frame of when Panopto will record, instead of "Available." Select Start Early if you wish to begin recording before the scheduled time.
  3. When recording starts, the touch panel will display Now Recording.

Ad Hoc (Unscheduled) Recording

  1. Touch Capture / Record on the Crestron touch panel.

    The Crestron panel's welcome screen, with the Capture icon highlighted.
  2. If there are no scheduled recordings in that room, then the touch panel will display the word "Available." Touch Record Now to begin your recording.

    The Available screen on Crestron, with the Record Now button highlighted.
  3. Upon touching Record Now, you will be prompted to provide some basic information about your recording: the session title, and the duration of the recording.
    • For your session title, we recommend using a clear, specific name to easily distinguish the video, such as "BIOL 101 - 1002, 3/24/2022" instead of "BIOL 101." This makes the transfer process significantly faster and can help distinguish your video among other videos recorded in the same device that were not transferred yet.
    • For your duration, the automatic time is set to an hour and thirty minutes. However, by touching Minus (-) and Plus (+) beside the Duration bar, you can increase and decrease the length of your recording. 
    • After you have set your session title and duration, touch Record.

      a) Session Title; b) Duration; c) Record
  4. When recording starts, the touch panel will display Now Recording.

During Recording

  1. During recording, keep in mind that whatever source you display (PC, document camera, etc.) will also be recorded by Panopto, unless you turn off the display via the taskbar icon that resembles a monitor with a strikethrough (AV Mute).
  2. At any point during your session, you can return to the Capture screen and select the following options:

    a) Extend the recording 5 minutes, b) Pause the recording, c) End the recording

    a) Selecting +5 Extend will add an additional 5 minutes to your recording, if you are running longer than the scheduled time.
    b) Selecting Pause will pause your recording. Touch again to resume.
    c) Selecting End will stop your recording early.
  3. When your scheduled recording is complete, carefully take off the lavalier microphone and belt pack.
  4. Turn off the lavalier microphone and connect it to the charger to ensure that it re-charges for the next user.

After Recording

If you scheduled your recording in advance, your session will upload and process automatically and be deposited into the course or folder indicated when the scheduling request was made. Panopto will send an email notification once this process is complete.

If you did not schedule your recording (ad hoc), you will need to submit a Panopto Video Transfer Form to request that OIT transfers your video over to your desired course or folder in Panopto. If you want the recording moved to a course folder, you will need to verify you activated your course folder which was done in Before You Start.

Successful Recording Checklist

To ensure a successful recording process, use this checklist:

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Panopto Knowledge Base for additional articles or our Services area to submit a support ticket. You can also contact the IT Help Desk via phone (702) 895-0777 or email (ithelp@unlv.edu).

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