Help for instructors to get started with Panopto, then customize and share their Panopto content for their courses and students

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Getting Started with Panopto

New to Panopto? Ready to record your first session? Follow these guides to get started.

Recording in Classrooms with Panopto

Help with finding, scheduling, and using classrooms to record lectures using Panopto

Panopto + WebCampus Integration

Panopto and WebCampus are integrated which provides features such as automatic video sharing and interactive video quizzing

Reusing Panopto Content

If you are teaching multiple courses, or want to reuse your Panopto content from one semester to another, you have a few options for doing so.

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Pinned Article Panopto FAQ for Instructors

This guide includes frequently asked questions for instructors using Panopto including: general usage, recording, WebCampus integrations, and automated recording.

Automatically Saving Recorded Zoom Sessions in Panopto

Zoom offers integration with Panopto to automatically send recordings of Zoom sessions to Panopto for storage and sharing.

Panopto Folder and Session Customization

This article for instructors illustrates how to customize viewability and other permissions of their recorded sessions and folders.