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This article outlines the methods to repurpose Panopto video content in multiple courses, including copying and moving methods, and best practices.
Need to reuse Panopto content in multiple courses? Start here for all options to reuse, move, or copy your content.
This article illustrates how to use a RebelFlex classroom for scheduled recordings.
Before utilizing conferencing and recording technologies (such as Webex and Panopto), you should understand proper use and when you need to get recording consent. You may also need to add accessibility features such as captions.
Zoom offers integration with Panopto to automatically send recordings of Zoom sessions to Panopto for storage and sharing.
If you want to copy the entire structure of Panopto content from one course to another, instructors can utilize LMS Content Reuse to automatically migrate all content and sub-folders.
Known issues with Panopto, along with workarounds
Instructors (and students with Panopto assignments) can download Panopto for Windows or Mac for fully-featured session recording
Instructors can embed quiz questions within their Panopto content to check students understanding of content. Instructors have the option of having Panopto automatically pass a score back to WebCampus for credit.
If your instructor asks you to complete questions within a Panopto video, this article will assist you with completing the assignment and receiving credit.
Students who need to record and submit multimedia with Panopto can follow these instructions to create, upload, and submit their work.
This article contains an overview of Panopto, a service integrated with WebCampus that allows users to record lectures, presentations, demonstrations, and more.
Panopto Playlists allow instructor to pull content from multiple locations with Panopto and present content in a specific order for students to watch.
This article for instructors illustrates how to customize viewability and other permissions of their recorded sessions and folders.
Students can use this guide to learn how to open, play, and navigate within Panopto videos