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You can record meetings to the cloud or locally to your computer to be shared later.
Zoom offers integration with Panopto to automatically send recordings of Zoom sessions to Panopto for storage and sharing.
If your instructor publishes a Zoom recording to WebCampus, you can access it from the Zoom page.
Some classrooms feature integrated recording equipment to easily record lectures during a live session. This article helps schedule and record in one of these classrooms.
Once you have completed recording a Panopto session, it can be edited using the Panopto Editor in your browser.
Once Panopto for Windows or Mac is installed, you can utilize it to record content such as audio, video, and screen capture.
If you only need to record a short or basic video, you can utilize Panopto Capture to record using your web browser. No software install required.
This guide includes frequently asked questions for instructors using Panopto including: general usage, recording, WebCampus integrations, and automated recording.