Automatically Saving Recorded Zoom Sessions in Panopto

Zoom offers integration with Panopto to automatically send recorded Zoom sessions to Panopto, which can then be further shared. Once the integration is enabled, all Zoom meetings that have been recorded in the cloud are automatically saved into Panopto. This feature is especially helpful if you host online classes and record them with Zoom for students to watch later.

Before You Begin

The integration only begins sending recordings from Zoom to Panopto after it is turned on. It will not apply to previous recordings, and those will need to be manually uploaded to Panopto.

Setting Up the Panopto + Zoom Integration

  1. Open any course in WebCampus and select Panopto Recordings
  2. In the top right corner, select Open in Panopto

    The Open in Panopto icon, a square with an upward arrow
  3. From the top right corner of Panopto, select your user initials
  4. Select User Settings

    The user settings box
  5. On the Info tab of the User Settings pop-up window, scroll to Meeting Import Settings
  6. Check the UNLV Panopto Zoom Integration (Zoom) box and click Update

    The UNLV Panopto Zoom Integration box, checked

  7. Select the default folder you want your Zoom meeting recordings to save to
  8. You can also set meetings with a specific meeting ID to save to a folder of your choice. To do this, select Add New and create a mapping using that meeting ID.

    The Add New option to create a folder mapping

Setting Your Zoom Recording Settings

In your Zoom account, make sure the following settings are checked. Enabling these settings will allow Panopto to optimize meeting playback. Then select Save.

  1. Log into your UNLV Zoom web account
  2. Select Settings on the left-hand navigation
  3. Select Recording across the top panel
  4. Ensure cloud recording is enabled

    The cloud recording option toggled on

Set your settings as the following:

Cloud Recording Settings

  • Record active speaker with shared screen
  • Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately
    • Active speaker
    • Shared screen
  • Record audio-only files
    • Record one audio file for all participants
  • Record sign language interpreter
  • Save chat messages from the meeting/webinar

Advanced Cloud Recording Settings

  • Record thumbnails when sharing
  • Optimize the recording for 3rd party video editor
  • Create audio transcript
  • Smart Recording
    • Create recording highlights
    • Create smart chapters
    • Create next steps
  • Save panelist chat to the recording
  • Save poll results shared during the meeting/webinar
  • Save closed caption as a VTT file

Using the Panopto-Zoom Integration

Once a Zoom session has been ended, Zoom will process the recording. This process may take up to 24 hours. Once Zoom processing is completed, Panopto will automatically import the recording. Panopto must then process the video which may take a few hours depending on the length of the recording. Generally, recordings will be available in Panopto the next day after it was recorded in Zoom.

Once the recording is ready in Panopto, you have multiple options to move and share the content like any other Panopto video.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Panopto Knowledge Base or Zoom Knowledge Base for additional articles or our Services area to submit a support ticket.

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