If you are teaching multiple courses, or want to reuse your Panopto content from one semester to another, you have a few options for doing so.

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Pinned Article Reusing Panopto Content Getting Started Guide

Need to reuse Panopto content in multiple courses? Start here for all options to reuse, move, or copy your content.

Copying and Moving Panopto Videos

This article outlines the methods to repurpose Panopto video content in multiple courses, including copying and moving methods, and best practices.

Panopto LMS Content Reuse

If you want to copy the entire structure of Panopto content from one course to another, instructors can utilize LMS Content Reuse to automatically migrate all content and sub-folders.

Panopto Playlists

Panopto Playlists allow instructor to pull content from multiple locations with Panopto and present content in a specific order for students to watch.

Using Your My Folder to Store and Reuse Content

This guide explains how to move your videos out of your previous course folder into your “My Folder”, and then transfer them to a different course folder.