Recording Content with Panopto for Windows or Mac

After installing Panopto Recorder, and you are ready to being recording, you will need to launch a session to being recording.

Launching Panopto from WebCampus

The easiest way to beginning a session is to launch Panopto from the WebCampus course you wish to upload the content to.

  1. Open WebCampus, then your course. In the left navigation, select Panopto Recordings. Students will need to select the assignment folder if they are recording for an assignment.
  2. Select Create then Panopto for Windows or Mac. Then select Open Panopto for Windows or Mac. You may be prompted by your browser to allow it to open Panopto.

  3. If the window below appears, confirm that the server address is Select Sign in.

    The site highlighted in the pop up window.

Recording Checklist

Before you begin recording with Panopto, perform a check of your equipment and software.

  1. Open Panopto for Windows or Mac, select Settings.
  2. Select Basic Settings. We recommend that your settings match the picture below. We highly recommend turning on Delete Recordings Once They are Uploaded box is checked. This will automatically release storage on your device once the content has uploaded.
  3. Select Advanced Settings. We recommend that the following have been turned on
    1. Enable "Remember me" option for sign-in.
    2. Show help message pop-ups.
    3. Allow toast notifications.
    4. Enable no audio detected alerts.
    5. Enable high CPU usage alerts.
  4. Select Save

Step 1: Settings button. Step 2: "Delete recordings once they are uploaded" checkbox. Step 3: Advanced Settings tab. Step 4: Save button

NOTE: You must configure these settings separately on each device with Panopto installed, as they are local settings.

Recording a Session

  1. Open Panopto for Windows or Mac
  2. Select Create New Recording

  3. Change the following settings
    1. Select the Folder drop-down menu to choose the course folder for your recording.
      NOTE: The Folder determines where this recording session will be stored. If you launched Panopto from a course in WebCampus, this should automatically select that folder. Otherwise, you can change which destination you would like to send your recording to.
    2. Change the Name of your session. By default, the name is the timestamp of the recording.

      Option to set the folder and rename the file in the interface
  4. Your primary source will always be your audio, or audio and video.
    1. Select your connected video camera, then verify the preview. Camera quality can be set to High if supported by your hardware.
    2. Select your connected microphone, then verify by speaking into the microphone and checking the indicator bar. It should stay in the green zone. Adjust the volume as needed.

      Primary sources box
  5. Your Secondary Source will always be content such as your computer screen or a slideshow. Select which other source(s) you want to record. Capture PowerPoint is useful for presentations/lectures where you will exclusively use PowerPoint. Capture Main Screen is useful for demonstrating how to do something, using an application, etc.

    Secondary sources box
  6. Select Settings to configure the software to your liking. We recommend selecting...
    1. Under Basic Settings, choose the option to delete recordings once they are uploaded.
    2. Under Advanced Settings, set Fix Primary Audio/Video Stream Synchronization to On.
  7. Once you have confirmed your settings, click Save to go back to Create New Recording.
  8. Select Record when you are ready to being your session.

    Record button.

Additional Recommendations

  • Set your video to None if you want to do an audio-only recording.
  • If you select Capture Computer Audio, we recommend wearing headphones during your capture session. This will eliminate the risk of feedback and echo during your recording.
  • If you are capturing PowerPoint slides, we recommended selecting both Capture PowerPoint and Capture Main Screen. This allows your PowerPoint slideshow to be fully searchable by you and your students, while preserving animations and effects of the slideshow.
  • If you want to immediately begin presenting your PowerPoint upon starting the recording, esnure the PowerPoint app is open and that your Secondary Sources are configured to Capture PowerPoint. Then, you select the checkbox next to the option, Start presenting when recording starts on the preview window to the right of the screen

    Start presenting when recording starts checked

Ending and Uploading a Session

  1. When you are done with your recording, select Stop.

    Stop button.
  2. Change the name, add an optional description, and then click Upload. If you wish to delete and try again, select Delete and record again.

    Recording complete prompt
  3. After selecting UploadManage Recording will appear and show you the upload progress. The longer the video is, the more time required to upload. We recommend leaving your computer on and connected to the Internet. If your device loses connection, Panopto will automatically reconnect and continue uploading when back online.

    Upload progress bar
  4. Once Status/Link appears and changes to Processing, you may exit the software or leave it open and track the processing progress. You will also receive an email from Panopto once processing has completed.

    Processing percentage

Sessions will not be available to students until processing has been completed.

Generally, processing will take about half of the total time of your video to process and upload. For example, a 1 hour video should be ready to view approximately 30 minutes after completion.

After receiving your confirmation email, go back to your course folder in WebCampus, then select Panopto Recordings. The video you recorded will appear in the course folder you assigned prior to recording.

Recording Offline

You can record offline once Panopto has been setup while online.

To record offline, select Offline Recording during folder selection.

Offline Recording button highlighted

Once you finish recording and connect to the Internet, select Manage Recordings, then select the recording to upload.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Panopto Knowledge Base for additional articles or our Services area to submit a support ticket. You can also contact the IT Help Desk via phone (702) 895-0777 or email (

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