Need help with Rebel Success Hub?

Rebel Success Hub is used to complete certain tasks such as:

  • Submit Immunization Records
  • Request Alternative Need
  • Complete Financial Aid Verification
  • Submit documents to the Office of the Registrar, Cashiering & Student Accounts, or Financial Aid & Scholarships

These tasks are not completed in MyUNLV and must be completed in Rebel Success Hub.

For more information, and for assistance with logging in to Rebel Success Hub, see this article.

MyUNLV provides students, faculty, and staff with online information and self-service related to admissions, enrollment, grades, class rosters, and more.

  • Students can complete their admissions application, register for classes, check grades, apply for financial aid, download unofficial transcripts, among other tasks.
  • Teaching Faculty / Staff can view and download course rosters, teaching schedule, and input mid-semester and final grades.
  • Administrative Faculty / Staff (with approved access) can access student information including biographical information, admission information, student records, class schedule, financial aid information, and student finance information.

Limited IT Help Desk Support

The IT Help Desk is only able to reset password's for customer's with existing accounts within MyUNLV. Customer's who need assistance with specific functions within MyUNLV must refer to the office or department providing that function.

Accessing MyUNLV

Need Help Signing In?

If you cannot login to MyUNLV, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select MyUNLV Signin without ACE

    Screenshot of MyUNLV home page with red arrow pointing to MyUNLV Log in with your NSHE ID button

  3. Enter your NSHE ID number (or MyUNLV username)

If you see the message You must login using the "Login with ACE" tile:

Screenshot of MyUNLV message saying "You must login using the 'Login with ACE' tile"

  1. Select OK
  2. Select Login with ACE

    Screenshot of MyUNLV home page with red arrowing pointing to Log in with your ACE ID button
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in with your ACE account

If you see the password field appear:

  1. Enter your MyUNLV password. If you have forgotten your MyUNLV password, you can try to reset it online, or call the IT Help Desk
  2. Select Sign In

Need Additional Help?

Login Problems

For assistance with logging in to MyUNLV, please contact the IT Help Desk.

All Other Problems

For all other questions and problems, please refer to one of the offices below:

Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • Appeals
  • FAFSA and alternate need documentation
  • Financial aid
  • Loans and grants
  • Satisfactory academic progress
  • Scholarships
  • Student account and cashiering
  • Summer term
  • Verification
  • Work study

Contact a Financial Aid Representative (via Rebel Success Hub)

Cashiering & Student Accounts

  • Collections
  • Grant in Aid
  • International Programs
  • National Guard
  • Past Due Payments
  • Payments
  • Reinstate from Purge
  • Third-Party Contracts

Contact Cashiering (via Rebel Success Hub)

Office of the Registrar

  • Academic Renewal
  • Degree Audit
  • Forms
  • Graduation
  • Records
  • Assistance with MyUNLV after logging in
  • Registration
  • Residency
  • Transcripts
  • Transfer Resources

Contact Registrar’s Office (via Rebel Success Hub)

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