Embedding or Linking a Panopto Video in Canvas

Panopto offers the ability to embed videos into any Rich Content Editor (RTE) within WebCampus. This allows you to embed videos into items such as assignments, quizzes, discussions, course pages, and more. Instructors can utilize this feature to show students videos without using their course file storage, while still maintaining content security.

This article assumes your content is already recorded and uploaded to Panopto. If you do not have any content ready to embed, you will need to record or upload first.

Embedding a Video into a Page, Module, or Assignment

  1. In your WebCampus course, find the module, page, or assignment that you want to embed your video into.
  2. Select Edit.

    Edit button highlighted.
  3. In the Rich Content Editor (RTE) toolbar, select Panopto (a)​​​. If you do not see it, select More options (b), then select Panopto.

    a) Panopto icon or b) three vertical "more" dots
  4. Assuming your content is already uploaded to Panopto, you can select it from the Choose menu. Select the video to embed, then select Insert.
    1. If you cannot find your content, or your content is stored in another folder such as your My Folder, select the folder selector and switch folders.
    2. If your content has not been uploaded yet, select Upload to upload an external video.

Selected video and insert button

  1. Select Save for the content you updated.

When students open the item you embedded the video to, they can click the Open in Panopto arrow to see the full Panopto player.

Using Panopto's Embed Code

Under the Share tab of a Panopto video, you may notice an option to copy a Link or Embed.

Copy link option highlighted

Caution: Video Permission Problems

It is not recommended to embed content using the video's link or embed code. Linking or embedding videos manually does not trigger the Panopto + WebCampus integration to automatically assign access to students to view the content. If the content is not shared with the student or course, users will receive a Permission Denied message.

Error a student will see from using embed code or link

If students click on Request Access, it will send the owner(s) of the video an email to grant access manually.

The email a Panopto video owner will receive if a student requests access

You can avoid this situation by either embedding the video using the Panopto LTI as described above, or verify that the content is located with the Panopto Recordings folder for that specific course.

Inserted link into rich text editor and associated video in Panopto Recordings tab.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Panopto Knowledge Base for additional articles or our Services area to submit a support ticket. You can also contact the IT Help Desk via phone (702) 895-0777 or email (ithelp@unlv.edu).

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