Panopto and WebCampus are integrated which provides features such as automatic video sharing and interactive video quizzing

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Panopto Assignment Folders

For multimedia projects, such as videos and podcasts, instructors can enable students to record in Panopto. Panopto can help students easily and security record media for coursework.

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Pinned Article Setting up your WebCampus Course for Panopto

Instructors will need to setup Panopto with their WebCampus course before recording sessions.

Embedding or Linking a Panopto Video in Canvas

WebCampus allows instructors to easily embed videos into any rich content editor in their WebCampus course. Panopto videos can be easily shown on any assignment, discussion, quiz, or course page.

Panopto LMS Content Reuse

If you want to copy the entire structure of Panopto content from one course to another, instructors can utilize LMS Content Reuse to automatically migrate all content and sub-folders.

Setting Up Panopto Quizzes with Automatic Grade Passback

Instructors can embed quiz questions within their Panopto content to check students understanding of content. Instructors have the option of having Panopto automatically pass a score back to WebCampus for credit.

Panopto FAQ for Instructors

This guide includes frequently asked questions for instructors using Panopto including: general usage, recording, WebCampus integrations, and automated recording.