Setting Up Panopto Quizzes with Automatic Grade Passback

Panopto offers the ability to add quiz question(s) to a video. This allows instructors to check students' understanding during and after the video. Optionally, instructors can have Panopto pass a score back to WebCampus to give students credit for completing the questions.

This article assumes that you have already recorded or uploaded your content to Panopto.

Creating and Adding a Quiz to a Video

  1. Locate your Panopto video. This may be in your Panopto Recordings page in your course.
  2. Select Edit.

    Edit button highlighted
  3. On the video timeline at the bottom of the edit window, select on the location in the video where you would like the quiz to display.
    Red vertical timeline marker, with two arrows indicating its position
  4. In the left menu, select Quizzes (a). Then select Add a quiz (b).

a) Quizzes menu, b) “Add a Quiz” option

  1. Configure the quiz to your preferences. 
    1. Select Quiz and enter a title for these questions. It is helpful to select unique titles if there are multiple quizzes within the video. 
    2. Select what type of question to ask under Question Type. You can choose either Multiple Choice, True/False, Multiple Select, or Fill in the Blanks.
    3. Select Question Stem and type in your question.
    4. Type in your answer choices. You can select Add Answer if you want more choices available.
    5. Select the correct answer(s). You can also type in a brief explanation about the correct answer in Answer Explanation.

How to build a Panopto quiz with fields for title, question type and stem, answer choices and correct answer, and explanation

  1. Select Add Question and repeat Step 4 for each question you have. Once you’ve completed the quiz, select Done.
    Caution: Verify questions are correct before assigning to students

    Double check your correct answers for your quizzes. If you need to go back and make changes after students have taken the quiz, students will need to retake it in order to register an updated grade.

  2. Customize the quiz settings. By default, all of the check boxes are selected. NOTE: If you allow viewers to retake the quiz, they will have unlimited opportunities to retake it until it is closed or unavailable.

    Quiz settings
  3. Select Finish. Repeat this procedure to add more quizzes as needed.
Important: Apply Changes to the Video

Near the top of the Panopto Editor, select Apply to pubish the changes to the video. Otherwise, quiz content will not show up in the video that will be viewed by your class.

Sample Quiz Questions

Assigning a Video Quiz to Students

  1. In your WebCampus course where you plan to post the video quiz, select Assignments.
  2. Select + Assignment.
  3. Input an assignment title as well as any directions in the rich content editor below the title. Do not embed the video into the editor.
  4. Input the number of points to award for students.
    1. Panopto only supports awarding points, and no other type (such as complete / incomplete).
    2. When students complete the quiz in Panopto, Panopto passes a percentage back to WebCampus and points are awarded porportonally. For example, if your WebCampus assignment is worth 10 points, and you have 10 questions in your Panopto quiz, each question will be worth one (1) point. If a student gets all questions correct, Panopto will pass 100% to WebCampus, and the score is calculated at 10 points earned. If a student gets 7/10 questions correct, Panopto passes 70% to WebCampus and WebCampus assigns 7 points.

      Assignment options, including assignment name and points value
  5. Scroll to Submission Type, then select External Tool.
  6. Select Find, then select Panopto Quizzes.
  7. Select the video with the desired quiz.
  8. Select Insert.
  9. Select Load this Tool In A New Tab.
  10. Customize the other portions of the assignment as you wish, such as available attempts and assignment dates.
  11. Select Save or Save and Publish. Students will not see the assignemnt until it is published and availability dates are met.

Additional assignment options, including submission type set to "External Tool" and the option to "load tool in new tab." The Save button is also highlighted


Students must launch the video from the Assignment tab in order for grade passback to work. Students will not receive credit if the video is launched from Panopto Recordings page. See below for more information.

Student View

You can provide students with these instructions on how to take a quiz within Panopto.

Viewing Results/Other Data

Grades will automatically be recorded in the WebCampus Gradebook like any other assignment. Select Grades in your WebCampus course to locate scores.

If you would like to see more detailed results, you will need to download them from Panopto.

  1. In the left navigation of your WebCampus course, select Panopto Recordings.
  2. On the video you wish to review, select Settings.

    The Settings button highlighted
  3. In the left navigation, select Quiz Results.
  4. You can see who answered and which questions were missed, individually and overall. If you want to download the results as a CSV file, select Download.
    The Quiz Results tab

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Panopto Knowledge Base for additional articles or our Services area to submit a support ticket. You can also contact the IT Help Desk via phone (702) 895-0777 or email (

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