Information related to Google Workspace applications including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and more.

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Google Calendar helps manage your schedule, coordinate meetings, and schedule video conferences.


Google Drive provides file storage and real-time document collaboration with Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Email by Gmail

Gmail provides email services for UNLVMail and Rebelmail

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing service that enables you to join virtual meetings via audio, video, chat, and screen sharing.

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Pinned Article Storage Limits for UNLVMail and Rebelmail

UNLVMail and Rebelmail accounts share a pool of storage for all users in that domain. To ensure storage is allocated appropriately, UNLVMail and Rebelmail accounts have storage limits applied to them.

Alumni Access

All UNLV Graduates will automatically become Alumni Association (AA) members for free. Upon graduation, new alumni members will receive a welcome package which includes their Membership ID when they graduate. The Alumni Engagement office grants you access to a '' address powered by Gmail.

Commonly Used Apps Affected by Google’s Less Secure Apps Shutdown

Discover which apps may be affected when Google turns off Less Secure Apps access.


UNLV students use Rebelmail, powered by Google Workspace for Education. Rebelmail accounts are very similar to UNLVMail accounts that employees use, but they exist within a separate domain ( A Rebelmail account provides access to more than just e-mail, and includes a collaborative suite of useful applications.


UNLV employees use UNLVMail, powered by Google Workspace for Education. A UNLVMail account provides access to more than just e-mail, and includes a collaborative suite of useful applications.

Manage Multiple Google Accounts

You can sign into multiple Google accounts at the same time, such as personal account, UNLVMail, and Rebelmail.

Setting Up Offline 2-Step Verification for UNLVMail or Rebelmail

If you will be traveling to a location with little to no cellular coverage, or would prefer to receive 2-Step codes for UNLVMail / Rebelmail offline, you can setup an Authenticator app to generate codes offline.

Transferring your UNLVMail or Rebelmail Data to another Google Account

You can utilize Google Takeout's transfer tool to automatically migrate your data from your UNLVMail or Rebelmail account to another Google Account (including an UNLV Alumni email).