Panopto LMS Content Reuse

LMS Content Reuse allows you to retain the entire structure of a folder in one WebCampus course and copy it exactly in another WebCampus course. This is a one-time process that re-creates your course's folder structure in the target/receiving course, then creates reference copies of all videos. This process will also update any embedded links within your WebCampus course, such as assignments, discussions, quizzes, and course pages.

Important: LMS Content Reuse is different from WebCampus Course Copy

LMS Content Reuse is for Panopto content only, and must be done in addition and after using WebCampus Course Copy. If you plan on using WebCampus Course Copy, perform the course copy first, then peform the Panopto LMS Content Reuse.

Before You Start

Limitations to LMS Content Reuse

  • As a reminder, this tool is not WebCampus’s Course Copy tool and is only designed to copy Panopto content
  • Any content in an Assignment or Student Submission folder will not be copied, nor will any user-contributed content such as notes, discussions, viewing statistics, or quiz data, although the quiz itself will be copied
  • Only one source folder can be copied to the target course folder, one time. Subsequent copy processes cannot be initiated. Panopto LMS Content Reuse is a one-time only process

Before you can move or copy content, instructors must perform the following:

  1. Before copying Panopto content, ensure Panopto is enabled in your WebCampus course and you have clicked on it to generate the folder in your course.
  2. Videos have been edited for FERPA compliance, such as removing or disguising any student participation
  3. Videos have been captioned per UNLV Accessibility Standards and Procedures.
  4. Reviewed all options for reusing Panopto content before proceeding with these instructions

Performing the Copy

LMS Content Reuse is a one-time process

Once a source/sending folder and a target/receiving folder has gone though this process, it is no longer available. Ensure you select the correct target and source folders carefully, as the process is irreversible.

If the wrong folder is selected, the only way to repeat the LMS Content Reuse process is to reset the WebCampus course. However, resetting course content permanently removes ALL content and it cannot be recovered.

In addition to the below steps, you can also follow along with our video, Panopto LMS Content Reuse.
  1. Go to WebCampus
  2. Select your original/sending course, then select Panopto Recordings
  3. Verify the structure of the original course is how you want content to appear in the destination course
  4. Switch to your target/receiving course
  5. If the Panopto Recordings is not in the left navigation, activate it for the course
  6. In the left navigation, go to Panopto Recordings
  7. Select Settings

    Gear icon for Panopto folder settings
  8. Under Overview scroll down to Course Video Copy
  9. Select Choose source folder

    The "Choose Source Folder" option highlighted
  10. Select the source/sending folder. If it is a course, it should be the source/sending course name
    1. You may ignore Include Zoom videos as there is no Zoom integration configured
    2. Selecting Include scheduled recordings will also import recordings captured from classrooms, provided you have edited them for FERPA and captioning compliance
  11. Select Begin folder copy

    The Previous Course and Begin Folder Copy options highlighted
  12. Confirm the message warning you this is a one-time process
  13. Copying will then begin automatically
Wait for the folder structures and Panopto videos to copy over. This process can take up to 24 hours depending on the size of the content being copied. While processing, the tool will indicate it is currently in progress.

Highlighted "A course copy job for this folder is currently in progress"
Once complete, the Overview tab of the course folder will show the previous course folder for the copy

The course video copy window displays the previous course folder's name

Updating Links or Embeded Content

If you utilized the Panopto button in the previous course when embedding videos into your course (such as for assignments, discussions, quizzes, and course pages), WebCampus and Panopto will automatically update these embeds to work properly in the new course. 

This only works if you:

This process will not work if you:

  • Manually used the embed code from Panopto's sharing page
  • Manually distributed or added the link to your course from Panopto's sharing page

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Panopto Knowledge Base for additional articles or our Services area to submit a support ticket. You can also contact the IT Help Desk via phone (702) 895-0777 or email (

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