Reusing Panopto Content Getting Started Guide

In many cases, instructors may wish to reuse their Panopto content, such as rolling content over into a new course for a following semester. There are multiple options for reusing your Panopto content. This article provides a summary of the options instructors have to reuse their content.

Utilizing your "My Folder"

By default, you can store Panopto content in a course's Panopto Recordings folder. This will ensure access is granted to that course. While you can easily move content from one course to other, we recommend the use of your "My Folder" in these situations:

  • You plan to use the same content across multiple courses that are not cross-listed (combined)
  • You plan to use the same content across multiple semesters
  • You plan to share content outside of WebCampus

Your "My Folder" will always be available to you, regardless of courses that are added or removed to your WebCampus. If any of the above situations apply to you, we recommend using your "My Folder" as the original location of your content, then creating reference copies or playlists in your courses.

Reference Copy or Full Copy

Reference Copy

Reference Copies are a special type of content in Panopto and is a more efficient way to copy and reuse content. A reference copy will create what appears to be a new video in the destination/receiving folder/course, but indicated it is a reference copy with this symbol:

The settings icon and reference copy icon indicated on a video thumbnail

You can also look in the settings of the video and find the original video connected to this reference copy (further noting the reduced settings):​​

Under the option, "References" the source video for the reference copy is shown

You can also look at the original video and see how many reference copies are attached to that video:​​​​​​

Under the option, "References" the reference copies of the source video and their locations are shown

Reference copies retain all information from the original content, except class specific information, such as discussion posts, notes, quiz results, etc. However, the video itself is housed in the original location. Students do not see where the original location is, nor will it appear to them as a separate video. Reference copies can also be renamed, shared more or less broadly, or have their settings changed without affecting the original content or other reference copies.

One important consideration of reference copies is that if the original video is changed, it will also update all reference copies. For example, if you edit the original video and clip out a section, or change quiz questions, all reference copies will automatically update to reflect these changes. You will receive a warning before editing to remind you changes will affect all reference copies. Do not worry if you delete the original video, Panopto will not allow deletion of the original until all reference copies are deleted first.

If at any time you need to make unique edits to a video, you can convert a reference copy to a full copy by selecting Edit on the reference copy. Panopto will inform you it may take sometime to generate the full copy to edit. If users viewed the reference copy, any information collected such as view counts or quiz results will be retained once the reference copy is converted to a full copy.

Full Copy

Full Copies are entirely brand new copies of Panopto content and are unrelated to any other Panopto video. They can be edited freely without affecting any other video. This is a less efficient way to copy videos in bulk as Panopto only allows requesting full copies one at a time, instead of in bulk.


  Reference Copy Full Copy
Editing Some items such as the title, folder, permissions, and other attributes can be edited on the reference copy, such as including a course title on a reference copy.

Video content must be changed on the original video, and any changes will affect all reference copies. If you request to edit a reference copy, it will generate a full copy.
Panopto generates a new original video after the copy is done. Edits to the copy do not affect any other video.
Sharing Both reference copies and full copies can be shared as desired. By default, it will inherit the folder permissions of the folder it is placed in.
Copying Reference copies will be created much faster and is the only option when bulk copying videos Full copies must be requested one at a time and will take longer to generate
Storage Use Reference copies do not use additional storage space Full copies will count toward storage space. While creators do not have a pre-set limit of storage, it is not recommended to make full copies if not required

Selecting a Reuse Method

There are a few methods to reusing your Panopto content, depending on how many videos you need to copy.

  Type of Copy Required
Number of Videos to Copy Reference Copy Full Copy
Entire course, including sub-folders LMS Content Reuse Manual Copy
Most videos in a course Bulk Copy Manual Copy
Few videos Manual Copy

LMS Content Reuse

LMS Content Reuse allows you to retain the entire structure of a folder in one WebCampus course and copy it exactly in another WebCampus course. This is a one-time process that re-creates your course's folder structure in the destination/receiving course, then creates reference copies of all videos. This process will also update any embedded links within your WebCampus course, such as assignments, discussions, quizzes, and course pages. It will appear as if you did not change anything from the previous course. If you need to edit any of the videos, you can edit them in the new course, which will create full copies.

Bulk Copy

Bulk Copy allows you to copy multiple videos in a folder at once, then move them to another folder. This option will create reference copies which can be moved independently to new locations.

Manual Copy

Manual Copy allows you to immediately make full copies of videos, or to select a few videos to individually copy. You'll have the option of making a fully copy or reference copy before you request the copy.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please visit the Panopto Knowledge Base for additional articles or our Services area to submit a support ticket. You can also contact the IT Help Desk via phone (702) 895-0777 or email (

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