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ACE Password Reset

The ACE account is used to access UNLV technologies including WebCampus, Rebelmail, computer labs, UNLVMail, Workday, and many other services and applications.

Alumni Email Address Change

Use this service to request a change to your UNLV Alumni Email Address.

Alumni Email Password Reset

Request a password reset to your alumni ( email account.

Application Virtualization

Request that an application be virtualized for remote access.


Bulk Order

Submit a one-time request to order a large number of RebelCards for events or services on campus.


Close Account

Close your RebelCard cash account and receive a refund of the remaining available balance.

Contact a Financial Aid Representative

Contact Cashiering

Request assistance from Cashiering for help with payments and other issues.

Contact the Registrar's Office

Contact the registrar's office for assistance with student records, including registration, transcripts, graduation, and more.


Desktop Virtualization

Request a virtual desktop.


Email Multi-Factor Authentication Reset

Request assistance with multi-factor authentication for UNLVMail or Rebelmail.


General ACE Assistance

General Email Assistance

General assistance with UNLVMail or Rebelmail.

General Infrastructure Consultation

Request a consultation for enterprise server and data storage services.

General Infrastructure Troubleshooting

Request assistance with general troubleshooting for server-related infrastructure.

General IT Assistance

If no other services fits what you are requesting select this general category and let us best determine how to route your request.

General Software Assistance

General VPN Assistance

General Wi-Fi Assistance (Connection Issues)

Google Drive Assistance

Get assistance with Google Drive.

Google Sites Assistance

Get assistance with Google Sites.

Google Workspace for Education Plus License

Undergraduate students may request this service for access to the additional features included with a Google Workspace for Education Plus license.

Guest Wi-Fi Assistance


Immunization Records

Submit immunization records to MyUNLV.


Network / Register Issue

Aramark employees may use this service to report a network issue with a register.

New Faculty Website Hosting Account

Learn more about the faculty web website hosting service, including how to create your account.

New Software (Personal Device)


PoE Activation (VoIP Phone)

TDNext only

Professional Services

Request professional services related to new application hosting or server administration.

Proofpoint System Administration

TDNext only


Quadpoint (Point of Sale) Assistance

Request assistance with Quadpoint.


RebelCard Replacement

Replace a lost or stolen RebelCard.


Security Access in MyUNLV

Employees that need elevated access to MyUNLV may request access.

Shared Drive (X: Drive) Assistance

Shared Drive (X: Drive) Creation, Access, or Other Updates

Request assistance with access, creation, or other updates to a shared drive (X: Drive).

Smart Device Wi-Fi Connection

Submit a question to Workday Support

Submit a support ticket for Workday through the Business Affairs Administration Portal.

Switch Workday Primary Jobs

Request to switch an employee's primary job in Workday.


Transact (Blackboard) Access Assistance

Request assistance for doors using Transact (Blackboard) card readers.


UNLV Analytics Assistance

Request assistance with using UNLV Analytics.

UNLVMail Directory Information Update

Use this service to request an update to your UNLVMail directory information.

Update Workday Security Role

Update an employee's security role through the Business Affairs administration portal.

Update Workday Supervisory Organization

Update a new supervisory organization in Workday.


VPN Access


WebCampus Issue

Workday Login Assistance

Request assistance with logging into Workday.