Network and Wireless Connectivity

Gain access to the wired and wireless networks or get help with VPN / remote access.

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eduroam is the primary wireless connection for UNLV Students, Faculty, and Staff. Most campus users will connect to eduroam for their devices.

Guest Wireless Access with UNLV-Sponsored

Campus guests who don't have eduroam access can create an account for UNLV-Sponsored for temporary access.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The VPN allows campus users to connect to the UNLV network while off of campus. This may be required to access certain websites, file shares, and other applications available only on campus.

Connecting Wired Devices within Resident Halls

Resident halls allow residents to connect devices to the wired network using an Ethernet cable. You can connect devices such as Smart TVs and game consoles. Devices must be registered before they can connect.